Bundles from 10.0.3 install after a new 10.1.2 install

I have installed 10.1.2 on some new client machines and after the install I 
am noticing bundles from 10.0.3 are installing from somewhere.  I don't make 
any 10.0.3 bundles so I am guessing it is some type of auto update that did 
not get shut off.  Anyone have a idea where I can kill this off?

Windows 2003SP2 server w/ ZCM 10.1.2

              Jim Koerner 

12/11/2008 6:11:33 PM
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12/16/2008 6:44:31 PM

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If I install 10.2 to a new machine I will get bundles from 10.0.3 rolling out to the machine after the reboot. Searching in the bundles cache(C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\cache\zmd\ZenCache\) on the server I see all the MSIs are there for the 10.0.3 install. I don't have any bundles that do this install in ZCC. I am guessing this is happening at some deeper system level. How to I clear these out if they are not in my bundle list? Best Regards, Jim Koerner If you look at your SystemUpdate Tab, Do you still see 10.0.3 Listed? If so, I wou...

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I have a very odd issue. If i install 10.2.2 and then upgrade it to 10.3 through the system update deployment, everything works fine. If i try to install 10.3 on a fresh machine without installing 10.2.2 first it starts failing on things like downloading DAU, downloading group policy files, etc. Any ideas? I have run the post-10.3 patch after installing it the day it came out. I have rebuilt my preagent packages.....still not working... Primary Server 1 10.3 Win2k8 Primary Server 2 10.3 Linux VMware appliance clients are all windows xp sp3 -- adisarro ---------...

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When deploying an update to the ZCM Agent on various workstations from 10.2 (exact sub-version unknown, I can get it if necessary) to 10.3.3 with the requisite stopover at 10.3.0a, in many though not all cases the update "hangs" waiting for CASA.MSI to be processed. During the processing of CASA.MSI, it launches a sub-process of 'micasad.exe /install'. (In some cases it does this twice, the second time with additional arguments for a REINSTALL scenario.) micasad.exe itself then launches a sub-process of 'regsvr32 /s /n /i lcredmgr.dll' (with full paths, ...

Updating Agent from 10.0.1 to no shortcuts
Hey all, yup, the angry kid again. so after following TIDS 701131 & 7001305 We have managed to get some Zenagents updating to now we have a few that after the upgrade, no longer publish shortcuts on the start menu or the desktop. We are receiving messagers in the device summary: SYSREQ.ExceptionInHandler The handler EnvironmentValueHandler threw an exception. System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Common.EnvironmentUtil' from assembly 'zmd, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. at Novell.Z...

Possible to upgrade agent from straight to 10.1.1?
Hello, I am currently running, and have just upgraded the server to 10.1. Instead of deploying 10.1.0 to all workstations and then turning around and pushing out 10.1.1, is it possible to go ahead and upgrade the server to 10.1.1 and then just push out the upgraded agent for 10.1.1, bypassing 10.1? Thanks -- slckmstr ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, Grab 10.1.1c from download.novell.com This allows for direct upgrades. -- Craig Wilson - MCNE, MCSE, CCNA Novell Support Forums Volunteer Sysop Novell does ...

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On some devices, when the update try to install, they are going in Error state and the error message is: "One or more pre-requisite updates failed to install to this device. Ensure all pre-requisite updates have been applied successfully and try again." What is that/those pre-requisite ? Thanks. I don't know if all I did help to resolve my problem but I: - reboot my ZCM server - unregister devices - re-register devices - refresh devices Now, update is applied. Refered to TID 7000785 "Normand" <nhudon@noreply.ca> a �crit dans le message...

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I'll be shortly performing the upgrade from 10.0.3 to 10.2. But as 10.2.1 is released we may jump to the lastest version. We've tried the upgrade several times for updating the server and clients to 10.2 and it's worked 100% but i have a question relating to the agent and 10.2.1. If i'm reading the agent updates notes correctly. Firstly the server will be going through the following steps 10.0.3 - 10.1 (Via Disk) 10.1 - 10.2 (Manual Import File) 10.2 - 10.2.1 (Manual Import File) The readme file from 10.2.1 seems to imply that the clients need agent 10.0.3 i...

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I have 20 1U Rackable(tm) systems that are dual Xeon 2.4GHz with Tyan S2720 motherboards and TEAC CD-224E and 40GB seagate barracuda drives. When I first got them, I attempted to install 10.3. This failed at the initial grub install screen. The list of options comes up (Boot from Harddrive, Installation, etc... but without the function key menu along the bottom of the screen). However, the system will not accept keyboard input and after about 3-4 minutes a popup shows up with the title "I/O Error" and body text "Error reading boot cd". This is before I have h...

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