10.2.0 to 10.3.3 - CASA install hang

When deploying an update to the ZCM Agent on various workstations from
10.2 (exact sub-version unknown, I can get it if necessary) to 10.3.3
with the requisite stopover at 10.3.0a, in many though not all cases the
update "hangs" waiting for CASA.MSI to be processed.

During the processing of CASA.MSI, it launches a sub-process of
'micasad.exe /install'. (In some cases it does this twice, the second
time with additional arguments for a REINSTALL scenario.)

micasad.exe itself then launches a sub-process of 'regsvr32 /s /n /i
lcredmgr.dll' (with full paths, et cetera). This process apparently
never returns.

If I run the regsvr32 command by hand, it completes instantly, with no

If I use Task Manager to kill the "hung" regsvr32 process which was
launched by micasad - with or without having run the same command by
hand - micasad proceeds from there, and the install continues, to finish
without errors. (In cases where micasad is launched again for a
REINSTALL scenario, the same hang often repeats, but the same fix of
killing regsvr32 fixes it.)

If I instead use Task Manager to kill micasad.exe, CASA rolls itself
back and the install continues, but finishes with an error (because CASA
wasn't upgraded properly). Repairing this scenario requires jumping
through quite a few hoops, and I haven't found a single consistent fix

Additional data:

* This update has been attempted on both XP SP2 and XP SP3, but to date
the hang has been seen only on SP3. (We are only now deploying Windows
7, so we're not deploying 10.3.3 there as an update, but it has had no
problems in from-scratch install so far.)

* The hang is not universally consistent. In a few cases, the install
proceeded flawlessly. The hardware involved in those cases is identical
to the ones where it failed, and the machines involved were built from
the same image, although that was in January and they may have diverged
since then. This success happened in roughly 4 cases out of 25; I have
not managed to identify any common factor.

* I am not positive, but I believe that the hang has occurred only in
the 10.3.0a phase of the update, not in the 10.3.3 phase.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Failing that, any ideas for how to work around it by automating the
"wait for regsvr32.exe to hang, then kill it so the install can proceed"
process? (Keeping in mind that of course we can't run bundles during all


6/25/2011 3:06:01 PM
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