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We have zenworks 4.0.1 we are trying to push down a group policy with
security settings.
Everything is pushed down to the workstation except the security settings...

Is this a known problem or are we doing  something wrong?
If the last how should we push these settings?


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> We have zenworks 4.0.1 we are trying to push down a group policy with
> security settings.
> Everything is pushed down to the workstation except the security 

There have been a few issue, but most or all have been resolved with the 
later patches like Ir4 or Ir5.

In the grouppolicy IIRC under admin templates, system, grouppolicy
You might enable "Process security settings"

Also, in your zen package, were you can enable user and workstation, 
enable security settings.

Post back if that helps.

Novell Support Forums SysOp
Senior Systems Engineer for Data Technique, INC.
3/10/2005 1:20:23 AM
Besides what Jared said there are known issues
when you upgrade WinXP SP1 to SP2:

Fix in IR6, released yesterday:

Rolf Lidvall
Swedish Radio (Ltd)

3/13/2005 9:38:05 AM

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