Upgrading from ZfD32 to ZfD4.01

Getting ready to do a ZfD4.01 upgrade on a NW6.5 server, before I begin are
there any gotchas I need to be aware.  The server had eDir8.7.3 and the
Overlay CD SP2.  Been in the tree for about 6 days now.


7/28/2004 2:24:49 PM
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Read the manual, read through these forums.

Which options are you already using?
What version are the workstation OS's?
DO the users have administrator rights to the local machine.

Jared L Jennings
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7/29/2004 3:28:59 AM

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Hello. NW 6.5 Small Business Suite Server, SP 4. Updated Zen 2 to Zen for Desktops 3. Trying to update Zfd3 to Zfd4.01. This is my problem: I select the "Zenworks for Desktop Server"-option, press "Next", "Accept" etc. all the way to the "Select Target Server to which Zenworks for Desktops will be installed". I then select my server and mark all but "XML Proxy Services". Unfortunately the "Finish"-button is greyed out, so I have no way of actually completing the installation. My questions: - why is the "F...

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I have just setup a new Netware 6 sp3 server win Zfd4.01 with latest sp. Just wondering how are you suppose to add NDPS printers to the workstation policy? Zfd3.2 had that and client policy why did they take that away. I don't think people would like to be forced away from NDPS printing and be forced to use IPP. I don't have plans on using IPP in many of our situations. Thanks Rej ZfD 4.0.1 doesn't ship with support for traditional NDPS printers. If you need to deploy them, you need to have ZfD 3.2 in your environment, along with the ZfD 3.2 Console...

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hi, all I have 8 servers (leaf servers) and 3 node Cluster (the root server), running at Zfd32.1, database inventory on a share storage (SAN), i want to upgrade to Zen4, but i still have some quetions that i need any advice : 1. Should i have to stop the cluster service and all ZFD 3.2 services on that Cluster Server before i upgrade to Zfd4? 2.which one do i have to upgrade first, the root server or the leaf server? Can i upgrade the leaf servers first? 3. When we upgrade ZFD on Cluster servers, do i have to install/upgrade the Zenworks Inventory Service(Sybase) on ...

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Hi guys, a couple of questions......... I see that Novell's recommended platform for ZfD 4.01 is eDir 8.7x. Can it run on 8.62 and if so what are the issues? I'm looking at an upgrade from ZfD32 to 4.01. Ideally I'd like to have a pilot group to test policies and packages etc so is it possible to have the 2 running in the same tree and to limit the 4.01 objects and policies to one branch while the rest of the tree stays on 3.2? I know I could do this with ZfD2&3 and am just wondering if there is a recommended procedure in this instance? Cheers Dean It is...

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I have a netware 6.0 SP3 running stand-alone running Zenworks 3.2 for desktop. I basically use Zen for dynamic login, inventory databases and remote control. I plan to rebuild this server and install Netware 6.5 SPx and then install zenworks for desktop 4.01. I want to do this without affecting my current Zen functions. One thought that has crossed my mind is to setup a temporary Netware 6.5 server, install zenwork 4.01 for desktop and then bring down the zen 3.2 server for upgrade. My question is, can 2 stand-alone servers, one netware 6.0 runinng zen 3.2 for desktop and the o...

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--____IDAGNZNJYRBEDRPDSFEH____ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-15 Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: inline; modification-date="Fri, 4 May 2006 11:35:13 -0400" QW55b25lIHNlZW4gYW55IGlzc3Vlcz8/Pz8NCg0KRnJvbSA0LjAxIHRvIFpFTldvcmtzIDc/Pw0K VGhhbmtzLA0KTGVlDQoNCg0KDQpMZWVfUGlwa2luQG5jc3UuZWR1DQpPcGVyYXRpb25zICYgU3lz dGVtcyBTcGVjaWFsaXN0DQpFbnRlcnByaXNlIFRlY2hub2xvZ3kgU2VydmljZXMgJiBTdXBwb3J0 DQpOb3J0aCBDYXJvbGluYSBTdGF0ZSBVbml2ZXJzaXR5DQoxNCBQZWVsZSBIYWxsLCBDYW1wdXMg Qm94IDcyMzENClJhbGVpZ2gsIE5DIDI3Njk1DQo5MTkuNTEzLjE5NjgNCjkxOS44MzEuMzUzOCAo ...

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Hello, I have to install ZfD 4.01 on a new Win2000 Server. According to the doc I have to install eDirectory 8.7 first. Is it best to install the eDirectory which comes on the CD ? (edir_87_nt_full.exe 04/01/2003) Or the one which can be downloaded from download.novell.com ? (eDirectory 8.7.3) thanks Michel Py Michel, 8.7.3 is newer, and will have more bug fixes - i'd recommend that. -- Shaun Pond Novell Support Connection SysOp Shaun Pond wrote: > Michel, > > 8.7.3 is newer, and will have more bug fixes - i'd recommend that. > Thanks for...

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Client Upgrade (ACU) b4 ZfD4 Install
I'm preparing our workstations before we deploy ZfD4.0.1 and am planning on using ACU to roll out Novell Client 3.4 and 4.9 for our Windows 98/XP/2000 workstations. As part of the ACU process I am only choosing NDPS in the additional components section. If Workstation Manager is already installed on the workstations should I choose to disable this or leave it enabled? Once the ACU has completed we will then install ZfD4.0.1 and then roll out the ZfD Management Agent via NAL. Is the above the best way of preparing workstations for our environment? Cheers, Chris. ...

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With all due respect to everyone!I have read every post in this forum with regards to performance, etc!  I have read over and over that you need to do a "clean" install of DNN 3.X to achieve the "maximum performance of this new release" - OK fine BUTAre there any "scripts" to move your data from the DNN data base from prior install (DNN 2.X) to a "clean" installation of DNN3.X   I have certainly not seen any that are available!  Could I be blind? What am I missing here - that everyone is a developer and has the luxury to do this without any regard to what is cur...

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Ruuning on a Netware 5x server SP5 Edir 8.62 after stopping all java services then trying to extend schema it stops after 25%. I have tried the installation from a W2K and XP box but get the same. I have full admin rights. Any ideas See attached the error log begin 666 ZWSCHEMA.log M,C0O,#$O,C P-" P,SHU-3HT,2!P;2 M+2!%;G1E<FEN9R!);FET6E=$;&PN M#0HR-"\P,2\R,# T(# S.C4U.C0Q('!M("TM($5X:71I;F<@26YI=%I71&QL M("@P*2X-"C(T+S Q+S(P,#0@,#,Z-34Z-#$@<&T@+2T@16YT97)I;F<@17AT M96YD4V-H96UA+@T*,C0O,#$O,C P-" P,SHU-3HT,2!P;2 M+2 )4...

ZfD4.01 -> Zen6.5 upgrade protection
Non-technical question alert! We've got our ZfD4.01 covered by upgrade protection. I know the Zen 6.5 Suite is due any day now, and also have confirmed with our account manager that we're NOT entitled to the Suite as part of our subscription. Will we be entitled to the desktop components of Suite 6.5? If not, what are we paying upgrade protection for - if ZfD as a standalone product is "dead"? ZfD4 is fine, but we really need proper Middle Tier support on NW6.5 :( Kenny, let me get you the answer on this... -- Shaun Pond Novell Support Connecti...

New install of Zenworks 4.01 on wrong servers
I installed Zenworks 4.01 for the first time yesterday. Being new to it, I wasn't sure which servers to install the different components on. In hindsight, I think I should have just installed it all to one server. Can I just go into nwconfig and remove Zenworks from the 2 servers that I don't want it on, remove it from the server I do want it on and then reinstall it all to just the server I want to install it on? I'm trying to keep it a simple install on one server with no middle tier installed. Thanks, Kathy 6/26/2003, Kathy wrote: > I installe...

Problem upgrading workstation from zfd3.0 to ZFD4.01
Hi I have a problem about upgrade my clients to ZFD 4.01 agent. Workstations are configured with NT4SP6 Client 4.83SP2 with Zen components. Install of the agent MSI package works fine, but when the workstations are restarted and the NAL 4.01 windows start it says: "System has changed. You need to restart ...". I get this message no matter how many time I restart. /Steffen Steffen Boe Harter Do you have nal or nalexpld running from the login script? Meaning are you calling the 3x agents? do the users have administrator rights to the local workstation?...

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