10.3.0a to 10.3.3 WIN2003R2 Prereq


Win2003R2 currently running 10.3.0a <-- Server was added to zone 4 days
ago from freshly downloaded 10.3.0a iso 

Trying to update to 10.3.3.  
"One or more pre-requisite updates failed to install to this device.
Ensure all pre-requisite updates have been applied successfully and try

Went through TIDs.  Cannot find anything that applies nor can I
pinpoint anything in my logs.

Any signal flares would be appreciated.


5/18/2011 12:36:03 PM
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Ok here's an update.  I notice in the ZCC it says that 10.30a installed
with errors on this server.  But I know positively that it didn't error
because i did it only days ago.  I also went through the zenworks setup
logs and there are no reported errors in there.

So why does zCC say this server has errors on install of 10.3.0 when
there weren't any?

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5/18/2011 5:06:02 PM

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After all other nightmares, I believe the central stuff is running ok, so, went ahead with one of the SAT-pc's (xp/Sp3) to upgrade that to 10.3.1. According to online doc's/read.me, it states that when the primary zone is 10.3.1 and the clients and sat's at least 10.2.x, then you can go directly to 10.3.1. And, I did, but the PC/Sat shows 10.3.0 in the details for the zen-agent ?? Spoke to soon, Missed that the "directly to 10.3.1" is done by going though 10.3.0a first anyway....... Seems that step 2 -> 10.3.1 is on it's way resulting in a sec...

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When deploying an update to the ZCM Agent on various workstations from 10.2 (exact sub-version unknown, I can get it if necessary) to 10.3.3 with the requisite stopover at 10.3.0a, in many though not all cases the update "hangs" waiting for CASA.MSI to be processed. During the processing of CASA.MSI, it launches a sub-process of 'micasad.exe /install'. (In some cases it does this twice, the second time with additional arguments for a REINSTALL scenario.) micasad.exe itself then launches a sub-process of 'regsvr32 /s /n /i lcredmgr.dll' (with full paths, ...

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Upgrade from 10.3 RC2 to 10.3 final
Hi, i have on a deployment Server installed ZCM 10.3 RC2. Now i want to install the final 10.3. At the Web-Gui i see the Upgrade to 10.3 final but at the Status say allready installed. When i click on aktion and download the server do noting. How can i installed the final version? Thanks -- EHGNB ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EHGNB, >i have on a deployment Server installed ZCM 10.3 RC2. Now i want to >install the final 10.3. At the Web-Gui i see the Upgrade to 10.3 final >but at the Status say allready installed....

Unable to update 10 ZCM 10.3.3
Hello, I have the following situation I have a ZCM 10.3.3 server running on SLES 10. I have installed an other server SLES 11 with ZCM 10.3 to join the existing zone. I want to update the new server to version 10.3.3. I have downloaded the ZCM 10.3.3 manual update. Placed the file in /opt/novell/zenworks, did a chown zenworks:zenworks on the file and started zman sui updatefilename.zip. I then did a zac ref but it doesn't show in the update screen. Version 10.3.4 does show up but 10.3.3 not. Is it maybe because i already deployed 10.3.3 ? How can I manually deploy the 1...

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