Auto installation of Hp printer problems.

Is there a way to default/replace or remove the HP printers print drivers 
from the NDPS Broker?

I have a corrupt driver on the NDPS server. If I assign drivers to a HP 
printer it corrupts the spooler service on all Windows platforms. Printing 
works fine once I configured the printer with no assigned print drivers and 
manually installed the printer.  Other non-HP printers work fine.

NetWare 6.5 SP3. 

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does this help?


Suzanne Miles
Volunteer Sysop, Novell Support Connection
12/26/2005 11:15:19 PM

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I made some changes on the weekend and it now appears that the users cannot intall a new NDPS printer I have created. Not using iPrint on these XP stations and the users are just users, not administrators or anything else. RPM does nothing it appears and if I try to install the printer manually as the user I get the message "You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer" I can install if I log in as an administrator. I don't recall this being a problem in the past, I am running the latest client (or at least 4.91sp1) and my ...

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I have a nw6 server with sp3 and edir 8.7.03 installed. My NDPS is version 3.03. I use imanager to enable iprint for serveral printers, seems OK. Then on client I use IE6 to connect for iprinting. with ip address :631/ipp. I download the nipp.exe and install and restart the client computer. The iprint client vewrsion is 1.10. When I access the iprint page again, I saw the printers that are iprint enabled, but when I click on install. I got an HTTP 404 error code. how can I solve it? David Make sure the workstation can resolve the address that the printer li...

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