iManager 2.7.3 & BorderManager 3.9 SP2

This may be the dumbest question of the century, but is anyone actually
using iManager 2.7.3 from a workstation to manage BorderManager 3.9 SP2?
I have a previous post that shows one of the problems I'm having:

I'm asking because I've been unable to get iManager 2.7.3 to work
properly, so now I'm looking into using iManager 2.6. And honestly, I
find 2.6 to be a veritable train wreck. I would much rather use
2.7.3--it's much slicker and easier to understand and use, but this does
me no good if I can't configure all the necessary BorderManager

Here are the outstanding 2.7.3 issues:

(1) Either of the following two messages come up when I attempt to
configure certain BorderManager settings:
"javax.servlet.jsp.jspException: File '/jsp/taglib/help.jsp' not found"
and "File '/debug.jsp' not found."

(2) Upon exiting iManager, the following message is displayed by
javaw.exe, "The instruction at '0x2991db34' referenced memory at
'0x29a4dc6c.' The  memory cound not be 'read'."

(3) When accessing any of the BorderManager settings windows, a message
comes up telling me that the previous user is still accessing the
settings. I have to select an "Unlock" option to be able to continue.

My environment:

(1) Server:
NetWare 6.5 SP6.
BorderManager 3.9 SP2.

(2) Workstation:
Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.
iManager 2.7.3.
java 1.6.0_14-b08

I'm just looking for assurance that iManager 2.7.3 works with
BorderManager 3.9 SP2. If so, I'll try to work out the 2.7.3 problems
before banging my head against 2.6.

'nuff said.



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From the iManager 2.7.3 (2.7 Support Pack3) Readme: "4.13 Javaw.exe
Application Error when closing iManager Workstation or SDK: When closing
iManager Workstation or SDK, you might encounter a javaw.exe Application
Error. The error is benign and does not indicate any system problems or
instabilities. You can safely close the error message box and continue
working normally."

One down, two to go.

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7/24/2009 6:46:03 PM
This is the message that is displayed for the third error above: "Note:
This configuration is currently being edited by
cn=admin,o=VECTOR( since 7/24/09 9:16:28 AM. Click _unlock_ to

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7/24/2009 6:56:02 PM

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