new ifolder clients not connecting to server using client


We have an OES SP2 server running iFolder. Clients that have been
installed in the past can connect without any problem. When we install
new clients from the website, these clients cannot connect. They receive
the message: "An error was encountered while connecting to the iFolder
server. Please verify the information entered and try again". When I
look at the simias.log file on the ifolder server it says authentication
is succesful ?

2009-11-10 11:53:17,339 [-1224164448] INFO 
Simias.Server.Authentication - Authenticated User iS :
f7889600-402a-11dc-add7-0050569500ac:hskl Success

When I log on through the webaccess all is fine and login is

What's happening ?

Kind regards,

Hen Savelkoul



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