iFolder client unable to connect to iFolder server

This morning, when trying to log into iFolder via the iFolder client, I get the following message: "An error was encountered while
connecting to the iFolder server.  Please verify the information entered
and try again.  If the problem persists, please contact your network

Funny thing is I can log into iFolder via web access without errors.  I
took a look at the simias.log and the only thing that stood out was:
"Simias.SimiasException - The store has not been initialized."  This
error was logged 2009-04-15 12:11:17,765.  Tried looking up this error
to no avail.

Nothing was changed on the server and nobody can log in via the iFolder
client since this morning.  We are currently running iFolder 3.7 on SLES
10 SP2, OES 2 SP1.

I'm new to Linux so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


4/16/2009 2:36:02 AM
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I had a similar problem two weeks ago, after upgrading to 3.7 from 3.6.
Worked initially, then a day or two later I got that same error. I
dinked around with it for a while, verified I could log in via the Web
as you did. Finally, I punted, deleted the account info from my
client, restarted iFolder, then re-added the account info. Worked.

BTW, the new "merge" feature is a **GODSEND**. I've got ~3GB in my
personal iFolder going across a DSL line. In the past I was hesitant to
take such "drastic" steps as described above - re-synchs would take most
of a day - but now it's a snap. EXCELLENT feature.


Greg Amy
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4/16/2009 2:16:02 PM
Tried logging into iFolder this morning and it worked!  Don't know what
happened or what fixed it.  We know for a fact nobody did anything. 
Server was not rebooted either.  The error last occurred 2009-04-15

Hopefully this doesn't happen often!

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4/16/2009 9:06:07 PM

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