A Process ??�� using too much memory in the server

This is my situation..
Server HP Proliant 370 dual processor 3.6Ghz 4Gb Ram
Clean installation of SLES9, cpus with (some) peaks of 0.5% and average 
memory usage of 0,5Gbytes.
After i installed samba 3.0.20b (default configuration, no pdc) at this 
moment is sharing one folder read-only (about 100Mb) the average memory 
usage is 4Gb but
the top command shows me 0.0% memory for the process running, however it 
- mem 3978120k total - 3911892k used -
-153012k Buffers
- 8514408k swap - 16k used.

So.. the question is, how can i know what is taking/using all the memory??
Thanks in adv, for any help.

10/11/2006 9:05:16 PM
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TL <tinchole@satlink.com> wrote:
> - 8514408k swap - 16k used.

That looks fine.

> So.. the question is, how can i know what is taking/using all the memory??

Please read

Ray Dassen
Technical Support Engineer, EMEA Services Center, Novell Technical Services
Novell, Inc.  Software for the Open Enterprise   http://www.novell.com/open
10/12/2006 9:36:40 AM

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