Using VPN client then netware client to access file server

Hi, I have one customer site functioning well. Using Cisco VPN client 
then login via 4.83 sp2 client. Now when attempting to use above method I 
receive Tree not found. We have 5.x servers. I don't really understand 
the advertisement of the tree, SAP or ARP or ? 
Any comments or suggestions or pointing to documentation would be greatly 

Bruce Childers
9/20/2004 4:26:53 PM
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> I don't really understand 
> the advertisement of the tree, SAP or ARP or ? 

SAP is IPX. ARP is NetBIOS. NetWare uses SLP (mainly) as well as 
Host file, DNS.

For VPN, I recommend using dotted decimal notation in the server
name w/o using name resolution.

Replace the server name with its IP address under Novell GUI Login |
Advanced | Preferred Server.

Edison Ortiz
Novell Product Support Forum SysOp
(No Email Support, Thanks !)
9/20/2004 5:30:10 PM

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