dynamic local user policies

First let me say that I am not an admin guru. I teach at a small school 
and have inherited the network admin business because I know a little more 
than the other teachers.

Now here's the problem, we just got 25 new Dell 170's with XP Pro 
operating system. I installed Novell client 4.90SP2. I can log in as admin 
and see what I need/should, bypassing the windows workstation login 
screen.  When I log in as a teacher or student, it takes me to the windows 
workstation login but will not accept the password.

I don't want to have to install all users on each computer. I think what I 
want to do is do something with DLUP, but how? where is it? etc.

Is there something else I am missing?  Should I use a different version of 
client?  4.90SP2 is the only one that comes up from the download page when 
I enter XP.

Please if someone could direct me and keep in mind I am stupid.


10/7/2004 12:15:25 PM
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Dynamic Local User will create the local user on teh PC when they login
to the NetWare server.

This is a part of the ZENworks product suite.  Please ask in the
Zen.desktops.?.install-setup forum where ? is teh version of Zen you

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