Connections not clearing on Netware Server

Question: how can we have the netware connections clear automatically from 
the netware server without having to go to the Monitor.nlm and clear them 
manually or reboot the Netware server?

Description: Connection do not clear and accumulate on the connection 
information of the netware server.

Set up:
Netware 5.0 server with latest patches
Windows 2000 server with clients accessing novell via terminal server 
Latest patches on windows installed as well

8/13/2007 10:40:33 PM
novell.netware.winnt-2x-xp 10573 articles. 1 followers. Follow

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Are these not-logged-in connections? If so, there no way other that what
you do, but there's also no reason to do it, they cause no harm.

If they are licensed or authenticated-but-not-licensed connections,
again there's no way but again you don't want to because they are there
for a reason.
 Andrew C Taubman
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8/13/2007 11:04:18 PM