I want to bring up a new OES Server in my Netware 6.5.8 with eDir 8.8 sp5 environment (9 Servers Total all the same versions)

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6/24/2010 8:36:04 PM
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Assuming you mean OES 2 SP2 on Linux. Nothing different that you would
do otherwise; as long as the tree is in perfect health it should work

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6/24/2010 10:56:03 PM
If this OES server is going to have NSS volumes on it.  I would make
sure that Linux sees 2 different devices so that one can be Linux, and
the other NSS.


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6/28/2010 1:46:02 PM

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I have several Netware 6.5 sp6 servers. When I do a version at the Console the result is Novell Open Enterprise Server Netware 6.5. I'll assume this is OES1 as we have not upgraded the Netware servers to OES2. The eDir 8.8.5 documentation lists the prerequistes as OES2 and OES2sp1 as well as Netware 6.5 sp7 or higher. Do I have to upgrade these servers to OES2 before I can upgrade to eDir 8.8.5? I would like to first patch these servers to sp8 and then upgrade eDirectory to 8.8.5. Will this be OK? All the documentation I come across specifies OES2 only and no...

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I have an older server that was update this summer with netware 6.5 SP5 edir 8.8. I recently got a new server that I want to migrate that to. When I start the process Migration Wizard is telling me that edir 8.8 is not support on the source server. I downloaded Migration Wizard 8.1.512.9. Any ideas on that migration setup? Thanks. bbowers@lexington1.net wrote: > I have an older server that was update this summer with netware 6.5 > SP5 edir 8.8. I recently got a new server that I want to migrate > that to. When I start the process Migration Wizard is telling me &g...

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I have a netware 6.5 sp8 server which is running edirectory 8.8.4. I'm getting an error when I try to upgrade to edirectory 8.8.5. I'm using nwconfig and Installing the product by pointing to the nds8.ips file in the extracted folder. It goes through the file copy but then it goes back to the nwconfig screen. It never asks me for the admin authentication. When I check the logger screen I see: Loading Module DSCHECK.NLM [ INIT FAIL ] If I run dscheck.nlm manually, it runs successfully, however it fails when doing the upgrade. ...

eDir 8.8 SP5 on NetWare DOWNs server?
Greetings, this is now 3 different servers on 2 different trees, all NW65SP8 running 8.8 SP4 FTF1, that when I applied eDir 8.8 SP5 to them, after the first phase, instead of restarting the server, it does a DOWN? I had 2 servers power off and 1 went to the C:\NWSERVER prompt. Good thing I wasn't doing this remotely... Why would the process DOWN the server instead of doing a RESTART or RESET? Note that after starting up the server again, the installation process continued to successful completion. Thanks James -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 I ...

Edirectory upgrade to 8.8.5 on netware 6 sp5
Hello, i'm attempting to upgrade my file server's edirectory to version 8.8.5 on my netware 6 sp5 server. everytime i got to run the upgrade it copies files and then returns back to the console screen and doesn't continue with the installation. when i look at the logger screen i see this "server-5.60-141: Unaable to find load file SYS:\System\nds8temp\install\ICDM.NLM" i even copied that file off of the edirectory cd to this directory on the server and when i tried to start the installation again, i found myself facing the same problem. please someone help!! i n...

Upgrading 2 NetWare 5.1 servers to eDir 8.6.2
Have a 4 NetWare server environment: 2 NetWare 6.0 SP3 running eDir 8.6.2 and 2 NetWare 5.1 SP7 on NDS 85.30. Have TID 10072620 that I'm following. Have verified the versions of Certificate Server, NICI and Java meet the minimum requirements. Questions is steps 4b, 4c, and 4d under SCHEMA Preparation and Verification. Since I'm already running eDir 8.6.2 in the environment, the Schema should already have been extended. I don't need to perform these steps do I? If I do will I mess something up with the current directory DB? Can I just move to step 5? Any feedb...

NW6.5.6 + SP7 = eDir SMP, Install from NW65sp7.OVL = eDir 8.8 SP2 SMP
Hi. A tree has three servers, all updated from NW6.5.6 to NW6.5.7 and now another server had to be installed into that tree. We used NW6.5.7 overlay CDs (OS + Products), and this server is eDir 8.8 sp2 while those NW6.5SP7 was applied to are eDir In http://www.novell.com/download/ I was looking for 8.8 update, but just find iManager plugins and patches for 8.8 During applying SP7 I didn't see any option to apply eDir 8.8, what did I miss? Regards, Rudi. installing just sp7(not the overlay) does not install or patch edir88 at all. if you are not ready ...

Netware 6.5 SP6 > edir 8.8.3 Upgrade
I have performed an edir upgrade to 8.8.3 on a Netware 6.5 SP6 Servers in a large tree, where 8.7.3 was there previously. There was no errors during the install itself including during the health check. After doing the install however, I am confronted with many edirectory inconsistencies. (even on master replica). Eg many user objects have group memberships which were not there previously, and if checking the corresponding group object and its membership the user is not there ?. I have run many dsrepairs (no errors) and timesync is all in check. I did many backups before I performed...

DSCheck errors -5879 with Netware 6.5 SP8 / EDir 8.8 SP5
Hello, i would like to update the Edir 20504.13 to the newest EDir 20505.07 from one of our Netware 6.5 SP8 servers. We all know that we have to make a dscheck before we start the installation. I got following errors in the dscheck.log: TreeName = HAVAS-TREE NDS version: 20504.13 Server platform: Novell eDirectory Version 8.8 SP5 SMP-Novell NetWare 5.70.08 Checking eDirectory LDAP and HTTP services... Checking http services available at address "" ... ERROR -5879: Connect to check if port already in use failed. [FAIL] Checking https serv...

Netware 6.5sp7 edir 8.8 sp2 --> 8.8 sp3 errors
Good Morning! On a tree with all netware 6.5sp7 boxes, I am getting the following error on all of the servers that had edir 8.8 sp2 installed. Any server that still had 8.7.x installed upgraded fine. During the install of edir 8.8.3, as nwconfig restarts with the nds8.ncf file (which follows) I get the errors listed below. nds8.ncf file ----------------- delay 3 # 9/18/2008 3:21:48 unload nwconfig # 9/18/2008 3:21:48 nwconfig b=SYS:\SYSTEM\NDS8TEMP\install\nls\4\nds8.ils s=SYS:\SYSTEM\NDS8TEMP d=C:\NWSERVER e=c:\error.log rf=sys:\_netware\response.rsp # 9/18/2008 ...

eDir 8.8 SP3 upgrade not listed on the download site under NetWare 6.5 SP7...
eDir 8.8 SP3 is supported under NW65SP7, as per the install instructions at http://www.novell.com/documentation/edir88/edirin88/data/a2qqhob.html, but if I look for updates to NetWare 6.5 SP7 under the download site it doesn't list it? Go to http://download.novell.com and choose product=NetWare, version=NetWare 6.5 SP7, and leave it at all dates and SEARCH, and it's not in the list of patches? It does however list the FTF2 for 8.8 SP2... Am I looking for these updates the wrong way? I want to know about any updates available for NetWare 6.5 SP7 as this is what I'm...

update edir to eDir 8.8 sp5 to all servers or not
we have NW658 , with 7 servers. one master, six read write in the tree. is there a problem if i do an update to only the master eDir to edir 8.8 sp5 and the other servers must wait for updating, and still have edir ? because we want to use nested groups. must the master rep always online so that nested groups are working, so i cant bring the server down, if the servers is down, the nested group did not work too? i there anybody who can explain it to me? or must i have two servers with edir 8.8 sp5 in the tree for redundance, so if one server is down...

New 6.5 Server into 5.1 environment edir 8.73
Hi all, Hope someone can give me an answer. I am looking to install my first 6.5 server into a tree that has 5.1 servers all on Edir 8.73. My questions are; 1) Do I need to bother with Deployment Manager if so then... 2) Backup Data ? I have no server yet - so I assume I skip this step 3) Do I have to run the CA stuff and Universal password and CIFS prep if this is a new server into an existing tree not an upgrade? Sorry for the confusion - I appreciate any assistance... Given your existing servers are already on eDirectory 8.7.3, your install should be a piece of cake...

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