ARCserve 11.1 SP3 with Netware 6.5 SP8

I noticed CA's web site does not list ARCserve 11.1 SP3 as being
supported on Netware 6.5 SP8.  I know we have sites that are working
fine with Dell servers and PowerVault 122T.  However, that is not the
case with the PowerVault 124T.  

Without official support from CA, is there a way to make these backups
more stable?  I can't reschedule backup jobs through the Windows Manager
without causing ABENDS on UNIQSVR.NLM.  Every few weeks I have a backup
failure because the software and changer stop communicating.  At that
point I have to stop ARCserve then unplug and plug in the SCSI cable
then start ARCserve again just to restore normal functionality.

Hope to hear some good news from people that have successfully used
this combination.



8/23/2010 3:06:03 PM
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Hi Robert,

Although Service pack 8 has not been officially tested, we have been
using it in house for some time and have not had any problems related to
the service pack.  

After looking at the Certified device list, I see that the Powervault
124T is certified with ARCserve 11.1 for NetWare.  Are you experiencing
the abends on all your servers running with Powervault 124T's or only
one of them?  

In terms of the times of the abend, do they only occur after the
communications breakdown between ARCserve and the hardware occurs or is
it any time you use the manager?  If it is only when the communication
problem occurs, it's probably related, if it happens at any time, then
it's probably 2 separate problems.

To start troubleshooting you would need to post the abend.log (if the
log is long, only post the most recent Abend 1) and the tape$svr.log so
we can see if you getting the communications problems logged.  Also, a
current config.txt file can't hurt.

A server abends is not something that is easy to troubleshoot in a
forum post, have you considered contacting CA Technologies support for


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8/23/2010 10:36:01 PM

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