Secure DNS?

I just read an article about secure dns, being called DNSSEC.  (

Does Novell's DNS server support this new feature?


Cheryl Fischer
Network / Email Administrator
Horizon Bank

3/7/2005 8:50:56 PM
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Hi, running NW65SP7. I see since Aug 8th (TID#5032400) the security patch for the popular DNS issues has now been posted. What I'm wondering about is it necessary to post this to your server if your DNS is only used for internal queries? That is the DNS cannot be queried from outside the firewall? If not needed when an internal DNS only, then I won't bother installing and risking my environment, since there's no other fix mentioned in the release. Cheers James Jjb, > That is the DNS cannot be queried from outside the > firewall? Do you trust t...

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We have a mix of NetWare 6.5 and Windows Server 2008 DNS servers. There is a forwarding zone in Novell that points to the Windows DNS servers for the DNS zone Most workstations are configured for the DNS zone named xyz, so when they attempt to resolve a host name, they append xyz (i.e. Novell is primary for the xyz zone, and the workstations point to Novell, so it resolves properly. A few workstations are domain-joined, so they append (the AD domain name), turning webserver into They also point to NetWare DNS, wh...

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I have a problem where the primary DNS information for a domain is on a Netware 6 server. The secondary is hosted by an ISP. When I look at the SOA information on the ISP, the serial number is always 0, the refresh is always the number that the matches the serial, the retry is the refresh number and so forth. Has anybody seen this? I've done this type of thing a couple times in the past and have searched here and other places and can't seem to find that anybody else has seen this....anybody have any ideas? Just wondering, why is an ISP hosting your secon...

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Well-publicized attacks against Domain Name System (DNS) root servers and top-level domains highlight the vulnerability of the DNS infrastructure. Many CIOs are looking for ways to ensure secure, reliable network services. We've identified design principles and best practices for resilient, reliable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and DNS services. DNS is the protocol and global network of servers that translate host names into Internet Protocol addresses. Before taking action, prioritize the risks to your network and identify the potential threats you may face. [ Rea...

We have had DHCP running on NetWare for some time, with no local DNS service. The DHCP option 6 is set to a BorderManager DNS proxy. I just set up a SLES 11 server with named, and it will resolve our local static IP addresses and forward to OpenDNS. I am using it now, and it seems to be working correctly. Next step, can I set the NetWare DHCP server to update the SLES DNS server, or would I be better off setting up DHCP on the SLES server? My main concerns are transitioning to the SLES server without disruption, and getting Option 60 for ZFD PXE boot set up correctly. ...

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DNS SECURITY ALGORITHM NUMBERS DNS KEY and SIG RRs [RFC2535] use an 8-bit number used to identify the security algorithm being used: Number DescriptionReference --------- ------------------------------ --------- 0 Reserved 1 RSA/MD5 [RFC2537,RFC1321] deprecated, see 5 2 Diffie-Hellman [RFC2539] 3 DSA/SHA1 [RFC2536,DSA,SHA-1] 4 Reserved for Elliptic Curve Crypto 5 RSA/SHA-1 [RFC3110] 6 - 251 Reserved by the IANA 252 ...

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