Receive a decline packet for address assignment type

I am running netware 5.1 sp7 and dhcpsrvr 313c and this is the dilemma:
I am receiving  decline packets on the dhcp server console and the addresses that are showing up are in the dhcp console with an assignment type of Unauthorized.  If I check through the IP range the machine that holds the Unauthorized assignment type will have more than one IP address listed for each machine that is reporting this error.  I tried TID 10014757 and had the SET UNAUTHORIZED IP SCAN INTERVAL =1. That released the IP's back to dynamic so I changed it to =8 so that it would have less impact on the network and today the addresses are back to being unauthorized.  
This is a school system network and this is only happening in two of the seven buildings but I can't seem to correct the problem.  The workstations will boot up with an IP conflict and if the tech in the building releases and renews the workstation picks another IP address and seems ok for a while.  One of the interesting things is that the machines that have these errors 
do not have the IP address that is unauthorized but in the DHCP console that is the workstation that is listed as holding the IP address.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
5/18/2005 6:31:30 PM
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This is usually because of machines on the network using the 
unauthorized addresses as statically configured addresses rather than 
allowing DHCP to assign them.  To track it down you need to locate 
machines with the MAC addresses listed for the unauthorized addresses 
and verify their IP address configurations.

NSC Volunteer SysOp

5/19/2005 2:49:24 AM

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