How do I delete an IP address from the DNS server list?

I just finished a migration. On my old server, the DNS server used the 
secondary IP address that I had bound to the NIC. When I reinstalled 
DNS/DHCP, I had forgotten to put the "add secondary address" line in my 
autoexec.ncf. The new install assigned the DNS server to my primary IP 
address. No workstations were able to get DNS services from the server, 
because they were being told to look to the old address for DNS. I added the 
secondary IP address and rebooted. I now have DNS servers running on both IP 
addresses and DNS works again. How do I remove the DNS service from the 
primary address? There is actually four listings in the IP Address 
Management screen, two for each IP address. Is that normal? 

1/13/2007 11:32:11 PM
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It's normal for all bound addresses to be listed as NAMED binds to all
available addresses when it is loaded.  I don't know why each would appear
twice though.  If all is working OK, you can probably ignore it, or if it's
really bugging you, you could poke around in ConsoleOne, probably the Other
tab for the server, and see if you can find and remove the extras.
NSC Volunteer SysOp

1/16/2007 3:51:31 PM