NW 6.0 vs 6.5 for upgrade path Pro's and Con's

 I am the only NetWare 6 CNE in the IT Department where I work, and I have 
been asked by my supervisor to write a one page report on the best path 
for upgrade from NW 5.1.  So he is asking me whether we should be 
upgrading each server individually to NW 6.0, or NW 6.5?  We currently 
have already upgraded the Master Replica NetWare server and a Groupwise 
5.5 EP2 GWIA/MTA NetWare Server to 6.0 SP3.  But he wants to know if we 
should instead be upgrading the next 16 NW 5.1 servers to NW 6.5?  We tend 
to upgrade each individual server over a 24 month period, and so we are 
always in a mixed 5.1 and 6.x environment, so interoperability is 
important.  We use Edir 8.6.2 SP3 currently on all servers.  I have heard 
that NetWare 6.5 is not yet mature, but that 6.0 is.  And possibly because 
of the lack of maturity of NetWare 6.5, there is some security issues like 
the problems with NW 6.5 Overlay CD 1.1.  Can I get some official 
suggestions for Pro's/Con's for upgrade from NW 5.1 to 6.0 vs 6.5 to put 
into a document for presentation?  We need stability and performance, and 
are not able to put up with alot of crashes, quirks or issues.  We use 
Novell DNS, DHCP, GroupWise, NFS 3.0 on NW 5.1, and NDPS.  I would sure 
appreciate being steered in the right direction for upgrades over the next 
24 months.
Scott Branscum
Network Engineer, MCNE 4, CNE 6, Cisco CCNA
4/29/2004 4:58:35 PM
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