netware 6.5 to netware 6.5 hardware upgrade

Is there any dsmaint procedure or TID available
for "netware 6.5 to netware 6.5 hardware upgrade"?
(I want to replace a server)
2/10/2005 2:32:33 AM
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On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 02:32:33 GMT, wrote:

>Is there any dsmaint procedure or TID available
>for "netware 6.5 to netware 6.5 hardware upgrade"?
>(I want to replace a server)

The Migration Wizard v. 8
( will do
this for you.

Donald Albury
Novell Product Support Volunteer SysOp
Sorry, no replies to e-mail responses

"If something is so complicated that you can't 
explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not 
worth knowing anyway."  Bill Waterson
2/10/2005 3:51:41 AM
The DSmaint routines have been tucked into NWconfig, directory services, 
other than that it's the same routine

Cheers Dave


Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at
2/10/2005 6:57:11 PM

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I have three Netware 6 servers and 300 NW6 user licences. I bought 300 NW6.5 user licences upgrade. After I will upgrade one server to NW6.5 how should I proceed with client upgrade licences to insure that users can communicate with all servers? Thanks, Nathan On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 20:42:51 GMT, "Nathan Kaplan" <> wrote: >I have three Netware 6 servers and 300 NW6 user licences. I bought 300 NW6.5 >user licences upgrade. After I will upgrade one server to NW6.5 how should I >proceed with client upgrade licences to insure that users can...

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