Netware 6.0 Installation

Had previous problems with this installation getting the OS to see the 
Raid I controller. Got past that problem and seem to have installed all 
the OS files. However, when I rebooted the server it won't load past a 
point where it's in a continuous loop telling me it can't load the NLSAPI, 
LSAPI, and NLSLSP.NLM's. Gives me a message saying they "Cannot be loaded 
until CALNLN32 is loaded.

Tried loading CALNLN32, but received message "Unable to find load file 

I have three screeens available to me at this time. The System console, 
where I can type in commands and a Logger Screen where the messages keep 
popping up every 10 secs about the missing nlm's.

I loaded MONITOR and was able to see most everything I should. However, 
there are no Connections listed, but all storeage devices appear to be 

Also noticed I have no autoexec.ncf file. Always got one built 
automatically in past installations. Did I do something wrong here also?

8/31/2004 6:50:54 PM
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