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I need to keep a daily record of network logins
Being Auditcon does not work with NW6, is there a way I can enable Logging
on a server/tree to capture user login?

5/12/2005 2:13:59 PM
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Install NSURE Audit.  Configure it to record logins and out for both the 
server and eDir.  The Nsure Audit starter pack 1.0.3 is downloadable 
from the website.

Jim Gosney
Netware/Groupwise Admin./Eng.
Genesco, Inc.
Nashville, TN

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Russell England wrote:
> I need to keep a daily record of network logins
> Being Auditcon does not work with NW6, is there a way I can enable Logging
> on a server/tree to capture user login?
5/12/2005 2:47:07 PM
Wow... Cool product.  But is there any free solutions?

5/12/2005 3:17:04 PM
The starter pack is downloaded for free.  I'm not sure at what point it 
becomes a "purchasable" product as I'm using the starter pack 
successfully to log all of my server activity.

Jim Gosney
Netware/Groupwise Admin./Eng.
Genesco, Inc.
Nashville, TN

Currently reading:
fiction:  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King --  J.R.R. Tolkien
non-fiction:  George Washington -- James Burns and Susan Dunn
religious:  New American Commentary, Genesis, Volume II -- Kenneth Mathews

Russell England wrote:
> Wow... Cool product.  But is there any free solutions?
5/12/2005 3:39:50 PM
Thank you !  and one more question if I may.
No way to send "monitor.nlm-> connections" to a log file?

5/18/2005 8:29:37 PM

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