apache permissions problem

I am receiving an error in apache when trying to access a restricted
website (using htaccess/password file).  The error is:
Permission denied: Could not open password file...

The error shows up in apache logs when someone enters in a correct
username and password when trying to view a restricted webpage.
The setup is as follows:
Server1 (netware 6.5 sp8) has the webserver
Server2 (netware 6.5 sp8) has the homedirs and public_html folders

The problem does not occur if I setup an htaccess / pw file on apache's
root dir on Server1.  The pw file is of course not in the web structure.

I can't seem to figure out the problem.  How can I figure out what user
is loading apache?


4/2/2012 6:16:02 PM
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Nevermind-- I took out the server name from the syntax of the htaccess
file and placed the acl file on Server2 and it worked.

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