Upgrade 5.0 SP6 to 5.1 SP8 for ESXi

We have (128) Compaq ML530 Servers 18 gig 256 meg ram basicly tanks
running 5.0 SP6. Our plan is to virtualize these as they have been
running 11years and hardware is getting hard to find. I've been looking
into what it would take to get this task accomplished. All servers are
not centrally managed and are not merged. Each location has its own ESXi
server running currently. We use Betrieve version 6.15 with a 50 user
license in each server to run a POS program that has to be HA all the
time. VMware will only support 5.1 SP8 nothing earlier. (I do see this
is possible though with 5.0 in other threads) Will will experience
issues with radical upgrade in VM? Worried about database Betrieve old

Ok so looks like my options:

In place upgrade from 5.0 SP6 to 5.1 SP6 then apply SP8 then use
Migration wizard to move to VM

Install 5.1 in VMware, upgrade to SP8 them migrate 5.0 over to 5.1

Use portlock to do the whole thing and stay at 5.0 leaving everthing
but changing drivers needed for NIC and hard drives through portlock

Use some methods described in other forums here to basiclly do the same
thing as portlock but free.

The concerns I have are licensing and the Betrieve.

Can 5.1 be back reved from Pervasive.SQL7 to Betrieve 6.15? 

Going to 5.1 would also mean all new licensing I persume too?

Its cost I'm trying to calculate here. 

The old versions must be preservered to keep costs down, while
everthing needs to function rock solid.  Any and all advise greatly

Mike Phlipsak
System Programmer


11/15/2011 1:16:02 PM
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According to TID 10014874
> NetWare 5.1 comes with Betrieve version 7.15.  Backreving to earlier
> versions of Btrieve 7 is supported by Pervasive, but backreving to
> earlier versions of Btrieve 6 may work, but is not recommended nor
> supported.
> Going to 5.1 would also mean all new licensing I presume too?
NetWare licensing, yes. Btrieve licensing you'd have to ask Pervasive

Overall I'd say you are in trouble unless you can use more recent
versions of Btrieve; really you'd be better off using NW 6.5 SP8 which
virtualises better than any other version, if you can get your Btrieve
app working on it.

Andrew C Taubman
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11/15/2011 11:06:02 PM

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