Novell Storage Manager Service

How can I tell if I have this on my server. The server is Netware 5.1sp8.

I am going to be putting in a new backup device (Unitrends) and it says I 
need to have Novell Storage Manager Service installed. If I dont have it 
installed where can I get it to install it and are there any downsides to 
having this running?


8/31/2010 5:09:09 PM
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The documentation for 2.0 is here
, hopefully you can see in there how to tell if it's installed - but I
highly doubt it will be. The current version 2.52 is only supported on
NW 6.5 SP7 and later.

I doubt you can buy 2.0 from Novell any more.

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8/31/2010 11:36:03 PM

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