NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6.5 Upgrade Question

I have a customer with a NetWare 5.1 Network.  They have a main location 
with with their primary NetWare 5.1 server, then they have multiple 
locations which also have their own individual NetWare 5.1 servers which 
are all part of the same tree.  They are looking to upgrade to NetWare 
6.5 and also install GroupWise 6.5.  They are also going to have one new 
additional server when they upgrade.  I am wondering which would be 
better, to start a new tree on the new server machine and 
migrate/recreate everything in the tree and somehow unjoin the old 
servers and rejoin them to the new tree.... OR ... Join the new NetWare 
6.5 server to the old tree after preparing it with the proper OS and 
edirectory upgrades, then upgrade each individual server to NetWare 6.5.  
I am curious which would be best, but also what would be involved with 
either scenario....should we choose that path.


2/20/2004 9:37:36 PM
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That can be the beauty of NetWare.  There are so many ways to get the
desired results.
If you re-create the tree you will either have to use the NDS-to-NDS
connector to get the user IDs over or re-create the users with new
passwords.  You would then have to recreate rights, groups, etc.  On
the plus side you will be able to leave the obsolete objects behind.
I have clients who have or are doing both.
Timothy Leerhoff
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2/21/2004 2:10:40 AM