Netware 5.1 -> Slow Read/Write/Seek Files

hello ...
i'm new here, please help
first sorry for my english .....

i was upgrading Netware 5.1 from old hw (Pentium IV with 256 MB memory)
to new hw (Core I3 with 2 GB DDR3 memory), Mirrored SCSI 142GB with
Adaptec SCSI card ...

the problem is: my old hw faster than my new hw :( especially in
read/write/seek command on database programs...

1. some proses done in old hw in 15 minutes but in new hw got more than
45 minutes.
2. simple program to add/edit 1 database record, in old hw < 1 second,
in new hw got 5 - 10 second to finish.

the different is:
old hw only using IPX, new hw using IPX & IP (for VPN connection to
other place)

both without Support Pack, because if i installed the Support Pack, my
IP connection disconnected (can not connect).

please help


12/13/2010 11:06:01 AM
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12/13/2010 11:06:01 AM
Please download from the file finder at Extract Config.nlm from it and copy that to

On the console do LOAD CONFIG /jumba1se, and wait until the output file
CONFIG.TXT gets created. Please post that file here, with any public IP
addresses and RConsole passwords edited out. Thank you.
> both without Support Pack, because if i installed the Support Pack, my
> IP connection disconnected (can not connect).
Well that's a real problem and has to be fixed. My guess you be a lan
driver problem, have you tried installing it without allowing driver

Andrew C Taubman
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12/20/2010 12:06:01 AM
sevendp;2055723 Wrote: 
> Both without Support Pack, because if i installed the Support Pack, my
> IP connection disconnected (can not connect).

LAN issues can cause big problems of the sort you describe.   On
MONITOR go to the LAN Drivers menu and look for error counters
incrementing.   ( Especially collisions, FCS errors, ... )  Check the
stats on he switches the server connects to, will have corresponding
errors as seen by the switch.

Patch the server, install latest LAN drivers, as ataubman suggests.

-- Bob

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12/20/2010 3:36:01 AM

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