Groupwise registry Cleaning agent- Groupwise client

Is there a more recent registry cleaning agent for groupwise IS the
listed on novell Is from 2000, and is only up to groupwise ep sp1, is
valid to use for 5.5 enhancement pack clients above sp1??

and is there a registry cleanup for groupwise 6 clients

2/6/2003 8:54:36 PM
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The cleaning agent listed is valid for all versions of GW5.5. For a 
cleaning agent designed with GW6 in mind, the author's site 
( ) has an updated version availabe, which can be 

run as a NAL object. However, it does cost.
To uninstall GW6, that is a Control Panel Add/Remove operation. And as

it uses Windows Uninstaller, we can rest assured *cough* that it does
cleanly. I always run a registry cleaner as part of the uninstall

Lindsey Johnstone

2/6/2003 10:55:06 PM

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