Double spacing of replies

Why is it that when people reply to my emails the spacing becomes double


6/23/2011 3:36:02 PM
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I am having a simular problem with about 5 clients running 6/17/2002. When they reply to a message after composing the message they hit the enter button to add lines at the bottom or send the item the message dissapears and the client is closed. The message is nowhere to be found when the client is restarted. I have reinstalled the client and that did not work. I did analyze and fix and structural rebuild and that did not work. I am currently trying TID 2963458. Greg Zirbel <> wrote: >Before this started I have upgraded the ...

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--____SIDQTLMYGJPBRKKAQPSJ____ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 Content-Language: Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 R1cgNi41IGNsaWVudHMgaGF2ZSBubyBwcm9ibGVtIGFjY2Vzc2luZyB0aGUgR3JvdXB3aXNlIDgg UE8gc28gbG9uZyBhcyBJIGRvbid0IGNvcHkgR1cgOCBWSUVXIEZJTEVTIGludG8gdGhlIFBPIG9m ZnZpZXdzIGRpcmVjdG9yeS4gV2hhdHMgdGhlIGJlc3Qgc29sdXRpb24gZm9yIHRoaXMgcHJvYmxl bS4gSSdtIHRoaW5raW5nIG9mIGNvcHlpbmcgdGhlIHZpZXdzIHRvIGEgIGxvY2FsIHRvIEdXOCBj bGllbnQgcGMncyBvciBqdXN0IGNyZWF0aW5nIFBPQSBmb3IgR1cgOCBDTElFTlRTLg== --____SIDQTLMYGJPBRKKAQPSJ____ Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="____PV...

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--____YBBYDRIFHFXYDAWWIRTZ____ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Disposition: inline; modification-date="Sat, 17 Nov 2006 14:22:10 +0800" We have noticed that when replying to some Outlook/Exchange users that when typing a reply (HTML Mode) the formatting of text switches to double line spacing. The other observation is that the Outlook users when they reply also get this same issue (ie when they reply they get a double spaced text when composing the email). Has anyone else seen this type of behaviour and know of what causes it ? Regards, --Jeff -...

GroupWise Client 6.5.2 and Reply Format
Is there any way in the GroupWise client 6.5.2 to format the reply font so that the note is highlighted differently to diferentiate them from the original note? For example, in Outlook, I am used to replying and having the reply show up in blue (automatically), or the original note all being prefixed with >> or something. In the GroupWise client, it only seems to do one line (the first one) with a >> and the rest remains unchanged. If you want to comment on few points throughtout the note, it is difficult to format to make it readable. GT The old Internet style...

GroupWise 6.5 when Replying client opens File Retrieve window
Thought I've seen everything with GroupWise. This cropped up the other day, when relpying to a message the File Retrieve window opens instead of the Mail To: view. Any suggestions? Thank You Dhoppe wrote: > Any suggestions? Never seen anything like this. Does it happen on all PCs, just one user, just one PC, etc.? -- Danita Zanre Novell Support Forums Volunteer GroupWise 7 Upgrade Guide! ...

Line Spacing (How to Double space message)
Is there A way to double space or use 1.5 line spacing in my outgoing messages? On 4/10/2006 8:02 PM On a whim, Jordon Berkove pounded out on the keyboard > Is there A way to double space or use 1.5 line spacing in my outgoing > messages? > > > Hi Jordon, If composing in HTML you can insert a tag to set your line height. Click on Insert, HTML and in the box enter the following: <p style="line-height:1.5"> and click OK. Then type your text. You could save it as a Template so you don't have to enter it every time. I did that here ...

Client 4.9.1 and groupwise client
I have just upgraded from client 4.9.0 to 4.9.1. Under 490 I was able to check the �Single Sign on� button on my groupwise notify (6.5.4) and not have it ask for the password every time. Now that I have loaded 491 I check the box but it doesn�t have an affect. I have checked the �Single sign on� check box in the clients properties. Any ideas? Thanks much Tim wrote: > I have just upgraded from client 4.9.0 to 4.9.1. Under 490 I was able > to check the �Single Sign on� button on my groupwise notify (6.5.4) > and not have it ask for the password every t...

groupwise client 5.5 and groupwise 7
Hi, One of out customer has Novell Groupwise 5.5 and groupwise clients 5.5. We would like to do an upgrade to groupwise 7.0 SP1. Is it possible to connect to groupwise 7.01 post office with groupwise client 5.5 ? Any other ideas and tips ? Best regards Roman Lenarsic Roman, yep, see Uwe -- Novell Support Connection Volunteer SysOp Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so. ...

Groupwise registry Cleaning agent- Groupwise client
Is there a more recent registry cleaning agent for groupwise IS the one listed on novell Is from 2000, and is only up to groupwise ep sp1, is it valid to use for 5.5 enhancement pack clients above sp1?? and is there a registry cleanup for groupwise 6 clients Brent, The cleaning agent listed is valid for all versions of GW5.5. For a cleaning agent designed with GW6 in mind, the author's site ( ) has an updated version availabe, which can be run as a NAL object. However, it does cost. To uninstall GW6, that is a Control Panel Add/Remove operatio...

Groupwise Client with 2nd Imap or POP3 Client
I have a customer running GW6 on a nw6 server. Their email/webmail is working great. A few of them have email address from another non groupwise server. I set up a second pop3 account to go to a folder that I created(also tried to send it to the inbox.) Groupwise shows that is downloading messages 1/5 or however many, but I can not find them anywhere. The log shows that it downloaded everything. On the same note the other server also runs imap. I can set up a Imap account, it will show me the header with a little half envelope beside them. I can not get it to open the ent...

NW client causing Groupwise client install failure?
If GW software distribution folder is on NW server with traditional volume and WS is formatted with FAT32, install will fail with "cannot load packing.lst" error Server is NW 6 sp3 or NW 6.5 sp1 client is 4.83 sp2 or sp3 or 4.9 sp1 Workstation is Win XP sp1 Install will complete if either GW software distribution folder is moved to NSS volume, run off of CD, run through M$ share or WS is formatted NTFS. Any suggestions for client settings to resolve this situation? TIA, Russ Russ We ran into this same issue. Take a look at

Bug in Groupwise Client 7 (crashes the client any fixes????)
Here is a bug that crashes the Groupwise client 7 1) Share out some folders. 2) Change your calander view to 31 day view 3) Access the share folder and the client crashes! Any fixes??? --____OZYQKIOOZPKMTBYQBTLQ____ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: inline; modification-date="Sat, 23 Sep 2005 09:01:15 -0600" This will be fixed in the FTF to be release soon. See the thread subject "Shared Folder - View as Calendar - GW Crashes" for = more details. Scott --____OZYQKIOOZPKMT...

GroupWise Clients that Cache do not update their GroupWise Address books
I am running GroupWise 6.0 Sp3 POA/MTA/GWIA/WEBACCESS and clients. Some of my employees are running their GroupWise in Cache mode and some are running in Online mode. I added a new employee to the GroupWise post office at noon yesterday and it now approx. 8:00 am the next day and the Cache clients do not see the new employees name in their contacts list. However the Online and Webaccess clients do. Why are the Cache clients so slow to update, they get mail OK? I noticed this when I added a contact in Webaccess and it took three days to get to my Cache address book. I have t...

How to access Groupwise 6 mailbox from Groupwise 5 client
We have just installed a Groupwise 6 post office and are gradually moving our Groupwise 5 users onto the system. The Groupwise 5 post office still exists and is used by the majority of our users. Our Helpdesk staff need to be able to login to mailboxes which are on both the Groupwise 5 and Groupwise 6 Post Offices. Can both clients exist and work on the same PC ? At present we get errors at the GW5 client when trying to access a GW6 mailbox ' THE VIEWS FOR YOUR INSTALLATION ARE NOT INSTALLED CORRECTLY . CONTACT YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR ' I think there may be a file w...

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