Distribution List LDAP Attributes

Hi there,

is there any reason why the DistributionList Object has no
InternetEmailAddress attribute ? Many Spam Protection Software suites
protect emailsystems from invalid recipients with ldap queries . We
currently use the description field for validating the email address ( which
we manually put in this field ) . Is it possible to extend the schema or do
other workarounds ?

Thanks for answers or suggestions 

10/25/2006 11:24:57 AM
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We have experienced a problem with the number of receipitents within a distribution continues to shrink (when looking at the delivered number in sent items). This is our internal "all-company" list for announcements. It contains each "all-postoffice" list for out 5 post offices (all-postoffice1, all- postoffice2, etc.). The visibility of the all-company list is always set to none until it is requested to be used, the all-postoffice lists are always set to none. Is this a problem? This always used to work, now the number of people getting the all-compan...

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Hi ALL, I work in a college where we use GW v7.01 and distribution lists. We have a list setup with all students email addresses setup to allow communication from the staff to the students. Recently the students have realised they can also communicate to all students with this address. Is it possible to only allow STAFF to use this list and for STUDENTS only to receive and NOT send to. Thank you for any help. No. Instead, dump the DL. Before you scream, lookup WildCard Addressing in the Client help. Which CAN be turned on/off at the domain/po/user level <TSher19...

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Is it possible to grants rights to Distribution List so that it can be mantained from the Groupwise client instead of C1? I have a user that assumed that because he can maintain personal groups, and share personal groups, that rights might be granted to allow him to maintain Distribution list as well. Thanks, Jeffrey Only if they belongs to a shared addressbook. Not the SystemAddressbook -- Best Regards Tommy Mikkelsen IT Quality A/S Denmark Please Report back any success or failure, That way we all learn ...

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Hello, Has anyone experienced the following with groupwise distribution lists. Hopefully I am missing something here, however I cannot think of a good workaround. IDM 2.0.2 Groupwise Driver 2.1.4 GW7 Objective: Remove Users from Distribution lists WHEN Login Expiration Time has passed and set NGW: Visibility = None Problem: The rules in the default driver simply look for the existence of the Login Expiration Time attribute, then strip the user�s distribution list attribute. Example: Got a temp for the week. Create the account Add to Groups which sync to distributio...

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Hi, folks; I am creating users and adding them to external groupwise POs. I have everything working, but I'm not having any luck adding these users to distribution lists. Here is the code: <actions> <do-set-dest-attr-value class-name="User" name="Distribution List DN" gw:participation="bc"> <arg-value type="dn"> <token-text xml:space="preserve">BishopOdowd\ATLARGE\parents dist-</token-text> <token-attr name="DirXML-sifGradYear"/> </arg-value> &...

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Hi, I was asked by my supervisor to ensure that only internal email clients can send to GroupWise distribution lists, and they cannot send email to GroupWise distribution lists via external email account. Most of the distribution list has a space between full distribution name. and I was under the impression that as long as there are spaces, it's not a valid SMTP name and no one will be able to send it. Tested with external account (hotmail) and could not send to Distribution lists with spaces as it bounced back as invalid email address. However, he informed me that proble...

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--____LNANKCFPEFCJBIRXEJOG____ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable I am trying to get an LDAP Distribution List Query to work with a Symantec = email security gateway. All queries called for work fine (users & groups) = but I cannot get the distribution List query to work. I am using (&(objectc= lass=3DGroupOfNames)(objectclass=3DdistributionList)) as my command but no = results are generated. What am I missing? Thanks --____LNANKCFPEFCJBIRXEJOG____ Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="____FQQTZBENEPJFDJS...

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Hi there, Hopefully someone has already done this. Is there anyway of reporting the members of a distribution list to a file, but having the list with the users internet address rather than the full GroupWise address. thanks in advance Matt you could have a play with gwport utility (get it from: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/2960897.htm). Install it to c1 directory and then you can go to Tools, Groupwise Utlilies, Import or Export. I've used it in the past to export and import members of distribution lists using csv files. rgs William ...

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Hi, Is there any one out there that have got the ldap directory service with Mozilla to work for offline use (address book) and creation of distributions list with groupOfNames? I cannot not find anyone that have succeeded with this in later versions of Mozilla, is this functionality not supported anymore? Lasse Hi Lasse, I never used the offline feature, so I can't tell you anything about that. As far as I know groupOfNames didn't ever work as distribution list - neither online nor offline. See Bug: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12409 Cheers Rolan...

NLDAP attributes for Distribution Lists
We have a Sophos ES1000 email appliance that can, instead of doing a query to our Groupwise server every time an email is received, sync via LDAP with the server to maintain a list of valid recipients. It works extremely well, except for the fact it can't find a suitable LDAP attribute for Distribution Lists, and so won't accept email for them. I've instituted a workaround, which involved setting up dummy users and giving them the same email address as the distribution list names, which does get the email past the ES1000, then Groupwise handles it fine from there. The only trouble with this is that it consumes a license for every dummy user I have to set up. It would be great if I could figure out a way to add additional LDAP attributes to the Distribution Lists so I could assign a valid email address that LDAP queries could see, but so far I have not found a way to do this. See the comments from Sophos below. The screen shots he refers to were one of a Groupwise user's LDAP attributes, and another of a Groupwise Distribution List's attributes. Forums.Novell.com would not accept my .zip file upload containing the (2) .bmp files. We're running Groupwise 7.0.3 Thanks, Steve P -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Steve, Thanks for these screenshots. There are two problems with the attributes shown in the second screenshot. Firstly, the objectClass does not contain information t...

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I am trying to use a loopback driver to copy one user's Groupwise Distribution Lists to another user. This has worked well for regular eDirectory groups and we're trying to do the same for DL. I don't know too much about Groupwise, so I looked at the User and Distribution List objects in an LDAP browser. I've been informed that the DLs are "Groupwise only," meaning it is not a converted eDirectory group. So in LDAP I saw nothing on the User objects and a member attribute on the DL object. So that's what I wrote the following rules to copy. The rules...

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Is there anyway to see when the the last time a GW Distribution List was used? I'd like to remove the ones that no one is using. I've seen where you can see when the last time a distribution list was modified. However, it'd be nice if I could see the last time it was used. Thanks. -Nate -- niemerg ------------------------------------------------------------------------ niemerg wrote: > Is there anyway to see when the the last time a GW Distribution List was > used? Not that I'm aware of. -- Danita Novell Knowledge Partner Time to up...

GroupWise Distribution list restrictions
Hello...I am running GroupWise 7.03 soon to upgrade to version 8.02 in about 2 weeks. We have a few Distribution lists that we send mail out to the entire users (Thought of the Day, Green Tops and Etc...). I was asked if only 6 users could send out mail to this distribution List instead of the list being available to the post office by everyone selecting it from the address book. I was also asked if I can set it so that no one can reply to any mail sent from this distribution list. I could have them create a personal list in their GroupWise and share it but every user I create I ...

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I'm in the process of setting up a driver to create Groupwise distribution lists based on user data from a MySQL database. I'm creating and populating the groups fine, or at least I think so. The populated groups are being created in the vault in one transaction, so the group is being created with several "Member" users already part of it. What I'm finding is that by the time it passes through the GW driver to create a distribution list for it, I can see the list in my GW address book instantly, but it only contains 1 user. It eventually seems to sync up ...

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We have a user account that houses a shared calendar (dont ask why) its name is xyz. They want two users to receive mail (user a, and userb) from the xyz mail account. I cannot create a distribution list with the name of xyz because the user already exists. How can I get mail that goes to the xyz account to user a and user b? Thanks -- Lubinski ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Lubinski, - give both users proxy rights to xyz - create a rule moving all mail into a folder and share this folder with users a and b - create a rule fo...

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When sending an e-mail to an internet address in copy (CC) to a GroupWise distribution list/ group, the internet recipient sees all the individual users e-mail addresses of the distribution list, not the list/ group address. Is there anyway to configure GW to show the e-mail address of the distribution list/ group on internet mails, not all the individual user addresses? Thanks & regards Frank Friesecke On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:15:52 GMT, frank.friesecke@mshs.com wrote: >When sending an e-mail to an internet address in copy (CC) to a GroupWise >distribution list/ group,...

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Hello, I'm unable to sort Groupwise distribution list in the client. I can sort the adsressbook, but a selected distribution list is not sorted, even the sort option is not available when clicking on the columnname. When I try to move the headers I get error 0x80040117. Any clues? -- nekkers ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Doesn't look like you have ever been able to - TID 10095318. It's not something I'd ever tried before, and, as you say, the Sort options are disabled. But I can move the header fields around w...

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Hi. We are running GroupWise 6.5 SP4. We have several large organizational public GroupWise distribution lists to which we would like to restrict access. We have set the visibility to None and set nicknames for these lists but our clients figure out the true names and send to them anyway. It is not practical for us to maintain these lists in a personal shared Address Book. Is it possible to restrict access to these public GroupWise distribution lists so that only certain individuals can send to them? Thanks. Joyce No it is not. Sorry <jhamamot@lifebridghealth...

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ok this might be a little long but i much appreciate any and all help .... we are running netware 5.1 sp7 and gw 6.5.2 at the domain and post office ... this problem happens to be at a post office ... i went in to remove someone from a distribution list ... after the removal the groupwise tab for that list in C1 is not there ... when i go into the user properties for the one that was removed from the list his groupwise tab in C1 is alos missing ... when i right click on the user and goto groupwise utilities then mailbox.library maintance it times out on me .... when i double ...

Distribution Lists for Non-Groupwise Users
We have one of our sites changing to Exchange. We're on GW 5.5, and they use the Connector for Groupwise to connect. The users from this site are in a bunch of existing GW Distribution lists, becuase they used to be GW (in our mail-store). Even though their user ID is the same, I don't expect e-mails to get to the new Exch. users when a message is sent to a distribution list that references the users' old mailbox (is that right?). Any ideas on how to keep my distribution list all inclusive? Do I need to update each Dist. List (we keep a bunch), and if so, how? Thank...

Controlling GroupWise Distribution Lists Sync
Hi, I've upgraded from dx1.1a to IM3 . I'm using the GroupWise driver and set the Global Config to enable the "sync distribution lists" feature. It seems that this driver tries to sync any and all groups that a User object belongs to whether or not the group has a corresponding distribution list in GroupWise. This is seriously slowing down our DirXML updates for our entire system of drivers. This is also loading down our MetaDirectory engine server to the point that it will not even respond to pings. I've exported our GroupWise driver and looked thro...

GroupWise distribution lists on internet mail
When sending an e-mail to an internet address in copy (CC) to a GroupWise distribution list/ group, the internet recipient sees all the individual users e-mail addresses of the distribution list, not the list/ group address. Is there anyway to configure GW to show the e-mail address of the distribution list/ group on internet mails, not all the individual user addresses? Thanks & regards Frank Friesecke Have you tried making the members of the DL be BC instead of TO? Ryan <frank.friesecke@mshs.com> wrote in message news:oEf2e.5280$LF2.1322@prv-forum2.provo.novell...

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