GroupWise Clients mailbox size wont change

I am running GW 7.02 and have an employees mailbox that I wanted to
increase in size.  So I increased the size and sychronized.  2 days
later his mailbox size has not changed.  So I ran GWcheck against the
whole Post Office with the option of check user space.  Still nothing.

I just recently raised another employees mailbox size with no

What could be the problem with this persons mailbox?

Just wondering,


7/10/2008 3:46:02 PM
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Tried GWCheck reset client options ?

Cheers Dave

Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at
7/10/2008 4:40:37 PM
No but I will give it a try.


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7/10/2008 6:16:01 PM
Let us know if it helps

Cheers Dave

Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at
7/10/2008 9:12:37 PM

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