iManager 1.2.2 to 2.0.2 Upgrade

I've been running GW 6.5 WebAccess on the following system configuration:
   Netware 6.0 SP4
   eDirectory 8.7.3 SP2 IR
   JVM 1.4.1 SP6
   Novell Enterprise Web Server
   Tomcat 3.3
   Apache 1.03
   iManager 1.2.2

Yesterday I made the following change:
         Upgraded iManager to v2.0.2 and Tomcat to v4.0.

This change broke GW WebAccess.
I'm getting the following error when I try to get into GW WebAccess. 
It appears to pop up as it tries to bring up the login page.

Server Error
This server has encountered an internal error which prevents it from
fulfilling your request. The most likely cause is a misconfiguration.
Please ask the administrator to look for messages in the server's error

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


9/1/2004 5:34:54 PM
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It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting.  That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply.

Has your problem been resolved? If not, you might try one of the following options:
- Do a search of our knowledgebase at 
- Check all of the other support tools and options available at in both the "free product support" and "paid product support" drop down boxes.
- You could also try posting your message again. Make sure it is posted in the correct newsgroup. (

If this is a reply to a duplicate posting, please ignore and accept our apologies and rest assured we will issue a stern reprimand to our posting bot.

Good luck!

Your Novell Product Support Forums Team

9/4/2004 6:49:27 PM

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I just reinstalled the SBS 6 with the NW6 SP3 Overly cd and i put web access, iprint, dhcp/dns, naas on the initial install. I then proceded to upgrade edir to 8.7.1 ( i updated jvm and the other stuff that 8.7.1 required first) and everything went great. I then udated imanager from 1.2.2. to 2.0.1 and the install went as expected no errors or anything. Here is the problem when i surf to iManager with internet exploder 6 it shows me i am using 1.2.2. I read the instructions and they talk about some migrating but the direction don't match imanager 1.2.2 (i assume they are reffe...

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I'd like to remove and reinstall iManager 2.0.2 running on NetWare 6.5 SP1a. NWCONFIG reports that it cannot remove iManager. iManager does not actually run cannot be displayed when accessed by https://<serverip>:2200 or https://<serverip>/nps/iManager.html. I've read many TIDs regarding iManager and I can't believe what a terrible mess this product can be when it doesn't work right. I can login via LDAP to https://<serverip>:2200 just fine. FWIW, I was able to "uninstall" iManager 2.0.2 using NWCONFIG on a test server r...

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Hi, Any suggestable upgrade path to upgrade iManager from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2. Doesn't look like it is a very easy upgrade (with different version of apache, etc)... Tried it couple time on test lab, but everytime I have different outcome (after numerous W2K as well as eDir rebuilt). Config is: eDir ( is sitting on a W2K sp4 machine. Currently iManager is utilizing port 80. To complicate things, NSure audit is on the same box using default 449. Although I don't think NSure audit is impacting... let me ask Suzanne Miles Volunteer Sysop, Novell Support...

imanager 1.2.2 vs 2.0.1
hi 1.2.2 has the iprint stuff for creating/managing/etc iprint 2.0.1 does not. Where did it go? Phil, having the iPrint snapins is not a question of the iManager version. It is a question if you have the snapins itself or not :) If you tell us what iManager version you have on which platform and where you got ti from we might be able to help. -- Regards, Kai Reichert Novell Support Forum Sysop Computers can never replace human stupidity. The title says it all. It shows up in 1.2.2 It does not show up in 2.0.1 "Kai Reichert" <kai.reichert@spam...

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Hello, I upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.1.2. Version still says 2.0.4. I don't see any of the new stuff. In Host settings I see an option in the Upgrade log for verion drop list has 2.1.2 in it. Something did not take. How do i reset upgrade with out losing site. Check the version on your DotNetNuke.dll assembly (File -> Properties). Make sure it's the 2.1.2 version. You can trigger the upgrade either by calling upgrade.aspx from your browser, or by re-saving web.config to cause the app to restart. Although this should not cause any problems, make sure you have a good backup...

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I have 2.1.1 wokring fine and I have spent a lot of time making it just right but I want to make sure I have the latest & greatest so I am trying to get 2.1.2 to work so I can upgrade. When I try to set-up 2.1.2 I get a few errors such as: Could Not Load Skin: ~/Portals/_default/Skins/_default/admin.ascx Error: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.40607\Temporary ASP.NET Files\dnn212\295dc47c\1861dacc\3z6nxty1.0.vb(159): error BC30560: 'admin_ascx' is ambiguous in the namespace 'ASP'. Is there a simple way to upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2? RDD Iff you have not made any cha...

iManager 2.0.2 #2
If I try to change the location of the roll forward logs in iManager 2.02 from the _Netware directory it won't let me change volume locations,with the Yes turned on . Manual backup of eDir does work. Paul Burggraaf, No, I wouldn't suppose that this is possible to do, since the RFL are currently in use. The RFL goes into use as soon as the eDir database is opened. You need to first turn off RFL and then change the locataion when you turn it back on. -- //Niclas Ekstedt ____________________________________ Niclas Ekstedt, CNA, CNE, CNS N...

iManager 1.2.2 #2
Hi, I have a NW6 SP3 server which runs BM37. I am in the process of upgrading to BM38 and I am running through the pre-requests. One of which is to upgrade iManager to 2.0.1. This can be done by either install iManager on a networked PC or upgrading the version on the server. I have tried installing it on a PC however, after the install it reports some errors, when you look at the log file is VERY lenghty and doesn't mean much to me. When the browser opens it tries to connect on the ipaddress of the pc\imanager......It basically doesn't work. What I need is a meth...

Upgrade to iManager 2.5 from 2.0.2
Ok we just upgraded to iManager 2.5, the upgrade seemed to go smoothly but now when we try to access iManager we get the following message: HTTP Status 503 - Servlet webacc is currently unavailable type Status report message Servlet webacc is currently unavailable description The requested service (Servlet webacc is currently unavailable) is not currently available. We have tried restarting TomCat and Apache. Any more suggestions? Carl, >We have tried restarting TomCat and Apache. Any more suggestions? Did tomcat restart correctly? Does two catalina instances...

Upgrading from IManager 2.0.2 to 2.7
We have a few 6.5 servers still at SP3. Shortly we plan on patching them to SP7. However --- we're looking for the correct procedure to upgrade the web interface as well. Would this be the best route to take? 1. Apply Sp7 2. Apply Sp7 post patches 3. Uninstall Apache2 Web Server, Tomcat 4 Servlet container, Apache 2 Admin Server, iManager 2.0.2, iMonitor, Tomcat4 Admin Instance. 4. Reinstall all of the above with the SP7 Product CD's. We found this in the iManager 2.7 online docs, and we looked in the docs for Sp7 --- but haven't been able to put togeth...

Upgrading from 2.0.3 to 2.1.2
Hello, I'm trying to upgrade from 2.0.3 to 2.1.2 and have several mods added to my portal, like: PortalStore, Newsletter, Resource Management, and the Advanced Email and News mod. I was in the middle of upgrading the Advanced Email and News mod when I got a ton of SQL errors. I found that it was supposed to be installed on the newer version of DNN. So I replaced the files in my DNN folder (I dropped in individual files into their respective folders rather than dropping entire folders so I would do as little damage as possible to my site). So, after updating my config file and trying to ge...

Upgrade DNN from 2.0 to 2.1.2
Hello... I manage to install a new installation (clean installation) of DNN and create a web-portal. But when I try to upgrade from DNN 2.0 til 2.1.2, I dont understand what to do? Anyone who can help me with this? S Step 1. BACKUP ALL ASSOCIATED FILES RELATED TO YOUR DNN SITE. i.e. Database, portal files, etc. Step 2. Extract all the files from the DNN 212 zip into your sites directory so that you overwrite the existing files. Step 3. Modify the web.config file as needed so as to be able to connect to your database. Step 4. Visit your web site and wait for DNN 212...

How to upgrade from 2.0.4 to 2.1.2?
I have 2.0.4 in a production server with several PAs I have bought. How do I upgrade? Is there a document that explains this? This would be my first DNN upgrade ever. Thanks This question has been asked over and over since the release of 2.1.2 and not to pick on you as a new user but people really need to take a moment and read through the posts or do a search to help stop repeat questions. As for a answer to you question here it is in a nut shell: 1) Backup your database and DNN files (optional and up to you) 2) Take note of your web.config file settings 3) Unzip th...

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