Netware 5.0 SBS with GW 5.5 to NW 6.5 with GW 6.5

I am assisting a client with a migration from NW 5.0 w/ GW 5.5 to new 
server hardware (will be replacing the old server) running NW 6.5 with GW 
6.5 via the 7.1 Migration Wizzard. 

I am still a little unsure of the best migration path.  I planned on 
migrating straight from NW 5 and GW 5.5 to NW 6.5 and GW 6.5.  However, 
other people indicate that it is not a clean migration.  Furthermore, the 
documentation states that I will have to re-install GW6.5 to update the 
NLMs on the Target after the migration.  Won't this overwright my 
information store?  Perhaps I am supposed to migrate the GW 5.5 to the NW 
6.5 server and then perform and upgrade?

Can someone recommend the best path?  It doesn't seem to be stated clearly 
in the new book by Caledonia.  

Thanks! Matt Lipka
4/28/2004 7:43:52 PM
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I just dealt with the nightmare this past weekend (see my post in the NW 5 &
6 install forums).  I haven't done anything with the GroupWise yet, I am
still recovering from the Netware.  I plan on doing that this weekend.  For
the Netware upgrade just make sure you have the latest service pack, 6a,
NICI 1.5.7, and NDS 8.73 on the 5.0 server.  And definitely use Migration
Wizard 7.1 as you said you were.  Once I figured that out thanks to some
posts in these forums, I could get everything over, except all of my trustee
assignments.  I had to recreate those "by hand."
The Migration Wizard basically holds your hand though it, well if it works
right.  I usually run a backup Friday night, run the pre-migration setup on
the new server, patch the old server, do the migration, on Saturday, and do
the printers and GroupWise, and backup software on Sunday assuming all goes
well.  I forgot how the GroupWise works, I am having to do it differently
this time because of how it went last weekend.  I think in the past once I
got the migration done to the new server ("old GroupWise"), I just loaded
the new GroupWise over the old as an upgrade.  Just my 3 cents.

4/28/2004 8:26:47 PM
> I am assisting a client with a migration from NW 5.0 w/ GW 5.5 to new 
> server hardware (will be replacing the old server) running NW 6.5
> with GW 6.5 via the 7.1 Migration Wizzard. 

6.5 mig wiz. 
For GroupWise get the upgrade guide from  VERY good
highlighting of possible gotchas.
For GW get the latest SP and install the Software Distribution
Directory (SDD).  Then you install from there.  Primary domain first,
PO second, GWIA 3rd, finally WebAccess (delete and re-create as you are
going to switch to Apache web server)

Timothy Leerhoff
Principal Consultant
Independant Experts
Novell Support Forums Sysop
4/29/2004 1:33:27 AM

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