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Michael Bell recently stated in response to another query ...

 "Where things DO get ugly is if you install an entirely NEW GW System and
databases and want to move stuff from an old one. It can be done, but it's

I have exactly that situation. I have an eDir 8.73 tree and a branch office
running eDir 8.6.  GW in the newer tree is at 6.5 whereas the branch office
is at version 6. I take it from the above comment that we should be looking
at some sort of merge operation rather than taking the databases and trying
to marry them to recreated users in the new tree.

Any comments, TIDs etc I can look at in this regard? I have bought Tay's
book and he doesn't go into this type of scenario in quite enough depth (no
criticism, the book is excellent - just want a bit more information I
guess). In particular, what might go wrong, a recommended order of
operations etc from those who may have been there before :)


5/24/2004 10:36:21 AM
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