error with GW automatically adding a second domain (

I have a VIP who keeps having this problem.  When he sends to certain
addresses the GW system automatically adds in a second domain.  When
you look at the addresses in the address book they are completely
correct.  When you send an email, however, it bounces with the

The message that you sent was undeliverable to the following: (554 5.7.1 <>:
Relay access denied)

The only way to "fix" the address is to completely delete and recreate
it, but that is very temp as during one of the system maintenance or
nightly upkeep routines it breaks again.

ANY suggestions???

- JD

4/23/2007 4:02:31 PM
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Please Report back any success or failure, That way we all learn

Sorry, but no support through email

"I hate bugs".......Tommy Lee Jones, MIB

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4/23/2007 5:10:25 PM

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