Nexic GroupWise Client 6.1 with GroupWise 6.5x POs

I'd like to know if there are several other Nexic users out there who
send messages
through their Palm devices.

We've noticed that messages can be created and sent from the device,
but the
sync will
typically move the message into the temp folder (with TO: info),
create an
item in the
Trash folder (no TO: info) and originating from the 'Work To Do'

The message properties in the SENT folder does not contain the PO
information, but if a resend is
performed (on the GroupWise Desktop Client) it will get sent to the

Selections can be made through the address book or not. The result is
same. A manual RESEND of the
message is REQUIRED.

There doesn't seem to be a problem for tasks, calendar items and the
because these item are generally
created at the desktop and not sent out. Although, it might be
(if someone was willing to test it)
that GW appointment invitations would not be sent out. Either ending
up in
the sent folder or the
'Work To Do' folder.

I don't believe our setup is much (if any) different from any other
GroupWise 6.5.1 service. The POA (Primary
Domain) resides on the main server while the GWIA (Secondary Domain)
sits on
our BM box. It has worked
out quite well for time. It might be of not that the POA is loaded in
protected memory space, although that
would have little to do with things, as I've tried to set up the Nexic

client with direct access as well.

We hope this can be resolved. I'm willing to help isolate software
for vendors, but I don't want to
be the unpaid tester for every vendor around (which seems to be the
case for
most products lately - don't
they understand we work with LIVE systems and we pay for them to
provide us
with reliable products?
I know, I know....Too much to ask!)


10/24/2003 2:11:59 PM
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Well, I had some troubles with this in beta, but I thought they
were "fixed" - that said, however, I just sent an internal and
external message.  The internal message to a user on a different PO
than me delivered fine - the external email had the problem you
describe.  Time to report to I'd say.

Danita Zanr�
Novell Support Connection Sysop
Planning a GW6.5 Upgrade?  You need the GroupWise 6.5 Upgrade Guide

10/26/2003 7:15:17 PM

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