Here's a headscratcher! "I" and "*"

We have a user, all of a sudden whenever he types in the body of a
message from GroupWise (6.5.5), he can't type the letter "I" as in "me
myself and I."  When he does, what appears instead of an I is either an
asterisk (*) or a dash (-).  It's the wierdest thing and I can't find
anything to even remotely describe this situation.  At first I
suspected his keyboard but he does not have this issue typing in Word
or other applications, just GroupWise.

Anyone ever see this?  What in the world is going on there?

(By the way, it's a really funny situation, truth be told.  Just the
support call email I got from him alone made me chuckle).

7/17/2006 12:20:21 PM
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a sick Quickcorrect?


Novell Support Connection Volunteer SysOp
Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so.
7/17/2006 2:20:27 PM

Possibly, I thought of that yesterday, but he was unavailable all day. 
I'm hoping to get with him today.

7/18/2006 11:40:22 AM

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