Proxy users listed multiple times in Proxy Access List

I have a user who has proxy rights to several user's mailboxes.  Each user 
that has granted her proxy rights is listed 5- 10 times in her Proxy 
Access List.  I've tryed deleting all proxy access name.  We've taken 
proxy rights away and granted them again.  I patched GW to 6.51.  I 
applied TID 10055717 (the proxyfix) GWCheck option and we can't get rid of 
the multiple entries.  The Proxyfix is suppose to come up with an error 
code 87 in the GWcheck log, but it doesn't, so it's like it didn't run.  

I'm using GW6.5 patch 1.  GWcheck 6/30/03.

Any suggestions.
3/11/2004 6:54:31 PM
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Fixed in the SP2 beta client, but that just stops it reoccuring.
GWCheck with Proxyfix in the Misc tab removes the errant entries

Cheers Dave


Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at
3/11/2004 7:41:33 PM

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