VPN - DNS Issues

Good Morning all.

If this is straight forward then I apologise for wasting your time.

I have inherited a network that uses BM 3.8 and has VPN setup.

When I connect using the VPN Client I get a connection and can log in.
This goes through fine and runs the login scripts.

The issue that I have is that DNS does not work so I cannot see any of
the windows servers.

Is this a straight forward "fix"? Am I missing something easy?

Thanks in advance.


9/8/2010 8:36:01 AM
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9/15/2010 9:14:13 PM
iManager | BorderManager | VPN Services | Client-to-site | select your
VPN Service | DNS/SLP Configuration Tab

In there you can enter what DNS info must be handed out to the client

Hope that this is what you are looking for :-)

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9/17/2010 2:36:02 PM

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