VPN Clients Survey

We are conducting a survey to help us understand what platforms other
than Windows we need to provide support for in NBM 3.8.

Please go to

and make your opinions known!

Thank you,


Scott Jones, Master CNE
Product Manager - Novell BorderManager
Novell's Secure Identity Management Group

Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net business solutions

2/11/2003 12:26:21 PM
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Hello, We have always given our laptop users the Novell BorderManager VPN client (WinXP Pro)to access various services. We now have iFolder 2.1 available to them. However, when they install the iFolder client, on reboot, they are informed that a problem has occured with the installion the iFolder client and to retry the install. This doesn't get resolved. Is it possible to run both?. I know the VPN client is not required for remote access to iFolder, however, our users need the VPN client to access other services. Rgds. Stan Chelchowski Hi, stanch@**.co.uk wrote: &...

Error connecting to VPN through VPN Client
Hi, I am running NW6.5 with BM3.8 and everytime I type in my server ip and the other options to login to the server through vpn with NMAS i get the error, "failed to connect to the authentication gateway either 19*.***.***.*** is an invalid server address or the authentication gateway is not loaded on the server" What is the usual cause of this? > Hi, > > I am running NW6.5 with BM3.8 and everytime I type in my server ip and the > other options to login to the server through vpn with NMAS i get the error, > > "failed to connect to the a...

VPN Client
I have a Border Manager 3.7 server with a Site to Site and Client to Site VPN enabled. The VPN client can access all information of the WAN except for the site that is accross the Site to Site VPN. The client to site is configured to encrypt this network. From the internal network the remote site accross the VPN site to site works fine. Any help would be appreciated Rob C Rob, This is really working as designed. If you want a vpn client to access the other site, you'll need to enable client-site on the other BM server. -- Lance Reynolds, CNE &l...

windows7 VPN client blocks all other VPN
We have a strange situation at one of our customers. There is a C2S connection on a BM3.9 server. There are 2 PC running XP in the remote location. This setup runs properly since 2-3 years. Yesterday a new PC, Windows 7 ()32bit) was installed in the remote office. Tried to do VPN connection with VPN client 3.9.2 from the Windows & machine, but we got error (Failed to get DH public value). But after this the old XP machines were also unable to connect. After a server restart the windows XP machines are able to login again. 1)Is there any kind of defense mechanism in the BM ...

MS VPN Client to BM38 VPN Server?
On win2k and on XPHome I create a network connection which is a VPN connection, then try to do certificate authentication to the BM 38 VPN server. I have the Novell VPN client on the same machine which can authenticate with the same certificate. The MS client returns an Error 800: unable to establish connection, maybe the network is unreachable, maybe your security settings are wrong. With the Novell Client I pick exactly the certificate I want to use to authenticate. I can't find that option in the MS client, I can select a Trusted Root (so I had to export the Trusted Root and add it ...

VPN C2S using Cisco VPN Client to BM38...
Has anyone got the Cisco VPN Client successfully connecting to a BM38 server? Is so, is there an Appnote like for S2S using BM38 to Cisco IOS... I have seen quite a few posts about this subject by no real positive stuff like....I've got it working!! Cheers, Richard. Hello Richard, i'm only know two tid's from novell discribe this problem, but i dosn't know someone how get it work ;-) S2S Cisco and BM: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10090479.htm C2S Cisco to BM http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/1009543...

Connect VPN client thru BM to another VPN
i, I have a problem connecting a client inside my network (10.x.x.x) using a CISCO VPN CLIENT. My firewall is a Bordermanager 3.6 SP2a server using NAT and I want to connect to other VPN server. How I have to configure the BM serfver to connect internal client to access others VPN server ????? Thanks in advance Jose hi Jose, let me understand. Are you trying to connect with a Cisco VPN client to a CIsco VPN server or to a BM VPN server? -- Cat Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop ...

Bordermanager vpn vs Cisco router vpn etc
I have a small client with a Novell 5.x server with about 35 clients, many of which are needing some sort of vpn access. Trying to figure out if it is easier to setup border manager for vpn access on the server or simply get a router that will provide vpn access. Which would be easier or more cost effective in this scenario over a dsl connection. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks Paul I guess it depends a lot on cost. Do you already have BMgr? (A copy that includes client-site VPN?) If so, just install that and configure it. As for using ...

NBM VPN-Client /w Cisco VPN Concentrator
Hi all, Is it possible to use the Novell BorderManager VPN-Client to connect to a Cisco VPN Concentrator? If so, can anybody point me in a direction how to set this up? Thanks in advance. Rgrds, Martijn Yes, it should be possible, but no, I don't know where to point for config info. However, as part of interoperability testing (for VPN certification), I'm pretty sure this scenario was tested and worked. Myself, I would first get the BMgr VPN set up (with BMgr VPN client and BMgr VPN server) to do certificate-based authentication, so that you know what to do on...

Bordermanager VPN Client and Linux
Hello, has anyone tried to connect with the Bordermanager VPN Client to a Linux VPN Gateway? Could anyone give me a hint? I try it since 3 days. Thanks to everyone In article <662b3276.0408050404.5c96b3ab@posting.google.com>, Arndt wrote: > has anyone tried to connect with the Bordermanager VPN Client to a > Linux VPN Gateway? Could anyone give me a hint? I try it since 3 days. > I think I tried it a few months ago, but did not spend much time. Are you trying certificate mode or preshared key? Either should work, but I agree that it could take a lot of trying...

Cisco or any 3rd-party VPN client to BM38 VPN Server
In-house we use the Novell VPN client, but some vendor support wants to use the Cisco VPN client. Can it be made to authenticate to our BM3.8 VPN Server? Are any other clients tested compatible? I thought this new generation IKE VPN provided more interoperability. Thanks I believe it can be made to function, with a lot of effort. However, it is easier to just have both Novell and Cisco VPN client installed at the same time. If you want to use Cisco VPN client, realize that it will take a lot of work for purely political reasons, and you will have zero return on investment for...

VPN Client jumps back to VPN tab when trying to connect
I've got a BM3.8Sp2 server (running on NW6.5SP2) set-up with client to site VPN. A while ago it was working fine. I've now tried to use it in anger, and whenever I click the connet button in the VPN client, the client thinks for a second or so, and then jumps back to the VPN tab. WHere do I start if troubleshooting or fixing this ? Thanks GTG Gordon, I wonder if something got removed or corrupted in the client. I'd try to uninstall/reinstall the client component... -- Caterina Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop Caterina Luppi wrote: > Gordo...

NBM 3.8 VPN Client to a Cisco VPN server
Where might I find detailed instruction on setting this up ? thanks ed There is some info here: http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10090479.htm But I'm not sure it is complete. There was a thread on this here in the past couple of days, so you should search back a bit. Craig Johnson Novell Support Connection SysOp *** For a current patch list, tips, handy files and books on BorderManager, go to http://www.craigjconsulting.com *** ...

Bordermanager VPN Client and Sprint SmartView
A couple things. 1st, I've found that using the Bordermanager VPN with a Sprint SmartView client doesn't work. When trying to initiate the VPN connection the server the server shows "8-31-2010 8:51:58 am Error: Pre shared key mismatch for peer , cookies my-his 4329A79D23B12B8E-412A1F036D94F996" a number of times 'til the connection finally fails. Anyone have any ideas why that would be and if there is a workaround? It does work through a Sprint connection when the Sprint Card is on a CradlePoint router that my client connects to over WiFi, so...

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