run telnet directly from Dial-up VPN client

Dear All,

I have installed BM 3.7 SP1 on NW6 SP2.
My client have dial-up profile for telnet user and call-back user.
Telnet user profile means the after the user authenticate on radius is

directly telnet to specific host only, I have test it with common
from Microsoft Dial up connection and it work,it show a terminal
screen of 
that host where I can put in my name and password.But when I tried it 

using Dial-up VPN client,
It show "A Dial-up error has occured, the connection needs information

from you,but the application does not allow user interaction".
It happen the same with call-back user profile (show dialog box for 
telephone number).

Can anybody help me please

Thanks en Regards,


2/20/2003 6:29:21 AM
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hi Edista,

I never tried this, but this is what I would try.
I wouldn't use the dial-Up VPN client.
Establish the dial-up connection with the standard MS dial up client
then fire up the VPN *LAN* client.
The dial-up VPN client is not an ALTERNATIVE to the MS dial up. It
plugs into the MS dial up.
On the other hand, the LAN VPN client "plugs into" any established
connection (this can be either a dial up or a network connection, for
instance), therefore it looks like it's more suitable to your goal.

Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

2/20/2003 8:14:47 AM