MS VPN Client to BM38 VPN Server?

On win2k and on XPHome I create a network connection which is a VPN connection, then try to do certificate authentication to the BM 38 VPN server.  I have the Novell VPN client on the same machine which can authenticate with the same certificate.  The MS client returns an Error 800: unable to establish connection, maybe the network is unreachable, maybe your security settings are wrong.
With the Novell Client I pick exactly the certificate I want to use to authenticate.  I can't find that option in the MS client, I can select a Trusted Root (so I had to export the Trusted Root and add it to even get that far).  I still don't know if that means it's using the right certificate to try to authenticate.
Anyone have experience with the Microsoft VPN client to the BM38 VPN Server, that might have some answers or pointers? 
3/4/2005 8:45:33 PM
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"Mike Murphy" wrote:
> On win2k and on XPHome I create a network connection which is a VPN connection, then try to do certificate authentication to the BM 38 VPN server. 

No way. The MS VPN client isn't compatible.

Massimo Rosen
Novell Product Support Forum Sysop
No emails please!
3/5/2005 12:34:25 AM

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I have a Border Manager 3.7 server with a Site to Site and Client to Site VPN enabled. The VPN client can access all information of the WAN except for the site that is accross the Site to Site VPN. The client to site is configured to encrypt this network. From the internal network the remote site accross the VPN site to site works fine. Any help would be appreciated Rob C Rob, This is really working as designed. If you want a vpn client to access the other site, you'll need to enable client-site on the other BM server. -- Lance Reynolds, CNE &l...

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I thought I posted this weeks ago but after searching the forum I did not find it. So here is the issue and the Official Novell Fix. Setting up a 3rd Party VPN with BM 3.8.2 and NW 6.5.1. It worked great after it was setup. But if you went to delete a 3rd Party slave VPN server it may break another 3rd party slave. The only fix was to completely remove all servers from the Site to Site vpn configuration. Delete the Master site to site server. Create all new objects. Basically, recreate it all from scratch. Opened an incident with Novell and completed several tests and look...

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