Latest VPN client for BM 3.6 + XP/SP1

I have the VPN folder from PUBLIC/BRDRMGR on my BM server.  I need to
setup a client on a laptop, XP/Pro w/ SP1.  Anything newer I need to
pull down or any other words of wisdom I should heed before I attempt



4/17/2003 5:31:56 PM
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Update: After posting this, I saw a 3.6/3.7 VPN client on Novell's
site.  I've downloaded it, installed it, and made a first VPN


Steve Freides wrote:
> I have the VPN folder from PUBLIC/BRDRMGR on my BM server.  I need
> setup a client on a laptop, XP/Pro w/ SP1.  Anything newer I need to

> pull down or any other words of wisdom I should heed before I
> this?
> TIA.
> -S-

4/17/2003 6:50:57 PM
Awesome!  Way to go dude.

Lance Reynolds, CNE
Using XanaNews

4/17/2003 8:16:45 PM

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I have more or less gone through what I could to set this up. I exported the BM 3.8 master encryption key (minfo.vpn) and imported that to the BM 3.6 slave without any issue. I then created the slave (sinfo.vpn) file. I had setup the vpn tunnel ip's as and when these were both masters, clients could access either one perfectly. We know the VPN's work. I changed 1 to a slave, but I halted what I was doing as I noted that the master and slave networks both are using 192.168.0.x for the private IP's. Questions: 1. Can a 3.6 slave talk to a 3.8 master?...

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Hello, I used BM 3.6 on NetWare 5.0+SP6a. A month ago I have migrated across-the- wire my BM services to new machine with NetWare 6. I applied SP3 for NetWare and made in-place upgrade on BorderManager to version 3.7 and applied SP2 for BM. Nothing was changed with the configuration. With my previous verion of NetWare and BM I had VPN connection site-to site with my company's branch office and also client-to-site for users who needs to connect the notwork via modems. Everything worked fine untill upgrade BM. I tried to workaround this problem: I removed all prev...

VPN client 3.7 used to connect on BM 3.8
Hi, I need to know if it is possible to have the VPN client 3.7.1 and be able to connect on BorderManager 3.8 and received a local IP address and DNS resolution. Setup is on Nw6.5 sp1b, BM 3.8 sp1, VPN client 3.7.1 Thxs... no, you need the BM3.8 client (and the BM3.8 server) for that. -- Caterina Luppi Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop ...