Download Error trial version BorderManager VPN Client


I have try to download the trial version for bordermanager 3.8 VPN Client 
and i have got an error message :

You are in an embargoed or otherwise restricted country.

I am based in London.

So where can i found this software otherwise than in the novell website 
or maybe there is a solution to solve this problem.

Thanks for your help.


6/23/2006 8:51:51 AM
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Any chance you are using a proxy server in another country?

Sounds like a really strange error.  I'd try again later.  Maybe 
Novell's download system just has a glitch right now, but I will report 

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
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BorderManager, go to ***

6/23/2006 3:43:54 PM

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Hello, We have always given our laptop users the Novell BorderManager VPN client (WinXP Pro)to access various services. We now have iFolder 2.1 available to them. However, when they install the iFolder client, on reboot, they are informed that a problem has occured with the installion the iFolder client and to retry the install. This doesn't get resolved. Is it possible to run both?. I know the VPN client is not required for remote access to iFolder, however, our users need the VPN client to access other services. Rgds. Stan Chelchowski Hi, stanch@** wrote: &...

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Hi, I am running NW6.5 with BM3.8 and everytime I type in my server ip and the other options to login to the server through vpn with NMAS i get the error, "failed to connect to the authentication gateway either 19*.***.***.*** is an invalid server address or the authentication gateway is not loaded on the server" What is the usual cause of this? > Hi, > > I am running NW6.5 with BM3.8 and everytime I type in my server ip and the > other options to login to the server through vpn with NMAS i get the error, > > "failed to connect to the a...

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Hello, has anyone tried to connect with the Bordermanager VPN Client to a Linux VPN Gateway? Could anyone give me a hint? I try it since 3 days. Thanks to everyone In article <>, Arndt wrote: > has anyone tried to connect with the Bordermanager VPN Client to a > Linux VPN Gateway? Could anyone give me a hint? I try it since 3 days. > I think I tried it a few months ago, but did not spend much time. Are you trying certificate mode or preshared key? Either should work, but I agree that it could take a lot of trying...

Bordermanager vpn vs Cisco router vpn etc
I have a small client with a Novell 5.x server with about 35 clients, many of which are needing some sort of vpn access. Trying to figure out if it is easier to setup border manager for vpn access on the server or simply get a router that will provide vpn access. Which would be easier or more cost effective in this scenario over a dsl connection. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks Paul I guess it depends a lot on cost. Do you already have BMgr? (A copy that includes client-site VPN?) If so, just install that and configure it. As for using ...

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A couple things. 1st, I've found that using the Bordermanager VPN with a Sprint SmartView client doesn't work. When trying to initiate the VPN connection the server the server shows "8-31-2010 8:51:58 am Error: Pre shared key mismatch for peer , cookies my-his 4329A79D23B12B8E-412A1F036D94F996" a number of times 'til the connection finally fails. Anyone have any ideas why that would be and if there is a workaround? It does work through a Sprint connection when the Sprint Card is on a CradlePoint router that my client connects to over WiFi, so...

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Hi, I have a customer who is looking for a VPN solution (No more details yet...) Anyhow they have Border Manager 3.8 for proxy. However another site of theirs uses ISA. I know very little about either products. and would like to know peoples views? is BM a good product for VPN, are their better 3rd Party products? Thanks Hi, I use BM vpns all over the place & rate them highly. The 3.8 release was a major step forward as we now use the ipsec standard for site to site transport & can now talk to any other industry standard ipsec vpn endpoint. Client to...

Bordermanager 2.1 VPN clients
I know that Bordermanager 2.1 is supposed to be server to server only but does anyone know of a solution I can use to connect at windows 98/2k/XP PC to the master VPN server? TIA! Matt Hudson hi Matt, configure a dial up access to the server with NIAS maybe? -- Cat Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop Cat, I really want staff on broadband at home do be able to connect via a vpn, do you not need a modem connection for this? We will soon be upgrading to BM 3.7 and I know there is a windows based client for this but I really just wanted to h...

iPAQ VPN client to BorderManager 3.7
Hi Does any one know if its possible to use an iPAQ (with a GPRS card) as a VPN client to BorderManger 3.7, if so how? Our laptops (with same GPRS card) work great with the Novell VPN client. Many Thanks Mark Evans hi Mark, there is no VPN client for it... -- Cat Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop Is it possible to configure the PocketPc 2002 VPN on the iPAQ to work with Bordermanager 3.7. Thanks Mark Evans "CSL" <> wrote in message > hi Mark, > > the...

Hi, I have a problem with my VPN-Client-to-site access when trying to connect to the server over an existing DialUp-Connection to an internet service provider. Connection seems to be successful, as I can see the resolved server name and the tree name in the VPN-Login-Dialog. But then, I get an error messeage "Error in user authentification. vptunnel driver has returned an error." I have this problem with each username, I tried. But when my colleague tries the same with one of these users, he succeeds ?!? What could be the reason for my problems. I use VPN-Client 3...

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Hi, While using the bordermanager VPN client om my system (HP pavillion T3285, AMD64 X2 3800+) I occasionally get a reboot of my system. In the event log I can find the information that system error 000000b8 occurred. Is this a known issue ? perhaps an issue with dual core processors ? When I do not use the VPN client the system error never happens. Any ideas / how to start troubleshooting. I Do have a minidump of the situation in case anyone can interpret this ? Kind regards, Hen Hen, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your ...

Bordermanager VPN Client 3.8.4
Hi, I've downloaded the last version of Bordermanager VPN Client (3.8.4) and after install it and reboot my computer i can not launch it cause clnwin32.dll is missing. I've tried it in diferent computers and still the same. Is the file on the network corrupted? am i doing anything wrong? Thanks, Carlos. That just happens if i do not have the novell client installed on the workstation. do i need the novell client to make novell vpn client work? i think must be something wrong wit this new version of the vpn client. Carlos. We noticed that error message, too....

VPN bordermanager (last version) and impossible to find DLL
Hi, I've been installing the last version of the client VPN border Manager on my pc. As well i have installed the client Novell (4.91.5) on my pc. When i tried to logon through the login vpn i got the error message : Fail to authentificate NMAS.impossible to find DLL NMAS/Dependent DLL. We have been looking with the admin of my schoolboard of what could be the problem but didn't find any solution; As anybody got that problem, or know a solution which could help to solve this issue ? Thanks for any ideas, feadback. -- juancrismo ----------------------...

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Hi, Seems to be able to get things to work through my ISP at work (using Windows 98), however Windows XP has worked ONLY once so far. Get IP connection fine (infact can even telnet and ping internal servers), however Netware login never works and hangs up with a "No tree or server found" error. When connection is established it says its an IPX call, (IPX tunnel is on), altough I think it should be IP only, what the heck it connects, I can fix that later. However even with every IPX option turned on on all network interfaces, the IPX box is still grayed out in the...

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I'm currently using bordermanager 3.8.16 installed on my Windows Vista and connecting to my office by the Bordermanager VPN-client to a netware6-server (they refuse to upgrade to 6.5) and it's working! (but!). .. but every hour when my ISP renews it's lease for the IP-adress it won't succeed and the VPN-client and my internet-connection stops working. Then I have to disconnect/logout the VPN and then reconnect to my ISP and then reconnect/login to the VPN I also found out that the VPN doesn't work when I'm behind a NAT (but that works on my other compu...

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