Bordermanager vpn vs Cisco router vpn etc

I have a small client with a Novell 5.x server with about 35 clients,
of which are needing some sort of vpn access.  Trying to figure out if
it is
easier to setup border manager for vpn access on the server or simply
get a
router that will provide vpn access.  Which would be easier or more
effective in this scenario over a dsl connection.  Any suggestions or
comments are appreciated.


2/22/2003 8:11:54 PM
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I guess it depends a lot on cost.  Do you already have BMgr? (A copy 
that includes client-site VPN?)  If so, just install that and

As for using a router-based VPN, Cisco is not the only one out there.

With BMgr, you can use NDS authentication, so that the use logs in
the usual user ID & password.

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
*** For a current patch list, tips, handy files and books on 
BorderManager, go to ***

2/24/2003 3:29:27 AM

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BM 3.6 VPN. We have two server to server VPN connections. Both have been trouble free for over a year. Recently, the ISP for one of the remote offices had a router melt down. The router was repaired/replaced several hours later. Since then(3 days ago), we have not been able to re-establish the VPN. If I "reset" the VPN tunnel, the server on the other side "hears" it and states that the VPN has become disconnected and re-connected. However, no traffic seems to be able to get through the tunnel. I assume the ISP made some change to their router to cause...

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