BM 3.8 VPN C2S with ActivCard


After upgrading BM3.6 with VPN C2S and ActivCard One to 3.8 I can authenticate VPN without entering token password using backward compability. In the VPN-client 3.8.7  readme -file it states: The ActiveCard token
          authentication method will work if the ActiveCard
          token method is configured for the user in

The only method i can find is the Universal smart card. Is there a way to make my ActivCard One tokens  to work with BM 3.8 VPN?  If not, whitch tokens work with 3.8 NMAS/VPN client and BM 3.8?

Thank you in advance.

Thomas Brod�n

9/27/2004 11:29:46 AM
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Your Novell Product Support Forums Team

9/30/2004 5:56:29 PM
In article <KQS5d.3108$>, Thomas Brod�n  wrote:
> The only method i can find is the Universal smart card. Is there a way to make my ActivCard One 
tokens  to work with BM 3.8 VPN?  If not, whitch tokens work with 3.8 NMAS/VPN client and BM 3.8?
I have not used ActivCard and VPN login, but I have been told that there is an ActivCard 
patch/update required to make it work on 3.8, and the update is available from ActivCard.  (And I 
have been told it is not free).

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
*** For a current patch list, tips, handy files and books on 
BorderManager, go to ***

10/2/2004 6:13:22 PM

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Hello, I've been messing around with this New NBM 3.8. I configured as C2S using the new iManger method. Everything was working Great. NMAS and Certificates. However It did not work in the way i had hoped So i decided to just stay with the Legacy vpn to avoid having to update vpn clients on 130 PCs in 20 cities.. I attempted to delete the VPN server and C2S configuration in iManager. But it would not delete. I was patient for about 2 hours then decided to remove it manually. I deleted many entries under the "Other Tab" in console one. All the ones starting with vpn....

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