blue screen with vpnclient

on our notebooks we have the following problem

windows 2000 sp3
vpn client bm 3.7 sp1

when returning from the standby modus we get the blue screen

on an xp client with sp1 we have the same problem

we have already tried to install the beta patch from july (mentioned
some postings) the same error occurs

any help is welcome

thanks gregor

2/19/2003 10:42:48 AM
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is this the english version of windows?

Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

2/19/2003 1:29:00 PM
no are running the german version
is this a problem?

2/19/2003 1:35:10 PM
hi Gregor,

well, it is not a problem that I know of (I know several German Sysops

who use the VPN client on a german version of WIndows), but if this
happened to all versions I would have heard of it already.
do  you have the possibility to try this with a different SP level for

Windows (SP2)?

Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

2/19/2003 2:44:41 PM
sorry not in the moment
all the notebooks in our company have the same patch level

but i will give it a try with fresh installation on an additional disk

i will report the results next week


2/19/2003 2:54:58 PM
hi Gregor,

ok, fair enough. Let me know.

Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

2/19/2003 5:05:36 PM
it sounds not really logic to me - but it solved the problem
disabling the irda device and a deinsatll of the driver solved it

after enabling this device in bios again and reinstallation of the 
driver - it still works

really no idea why

3/4/2003 6:29:06 PM

Hi Gregor

> it sounds not really logic to me - but it solved the problem
> disabling the irda device and a deinsatll of the driver solved it
> after enabling this device in bios again and reinstallation of the
> driver - it still works
> really no idea why

Very strange - I suspect some type of conflict in memory with the
existing driver and the VPN driver. Probably reinstalling it after the

VPN helped fixing things...never seen that before, but good to know!
Thanks for the feedback!
Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

3/5/2003 9:35:31 AM

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