Access to web services on the vpn server

We have to NW6SB server running with SP2a. One is running as a BM 
Firewall/VPN server. The other is used as the main print and file
Accessing VPN works fine. I can access files on both servers. I can 
manage the internal file server with the Remote Manager on port
from inside an outside (VPN) the network. I can do the same from the 
inside on the VPN server but not using VPN with the internal address.
even can't reach the service with filters down from the internet. 

Any suggestions?

Regards, Robert

2/18/2003 4:24:31 PM
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Try adding a static nat entry on the public interface, mapping the
private ip address to itself.  It will give an error but just ignore
it.  Reinitialize system and try again.

LaNce ReyNolds, CNE
Using XaNaNews

2/18/2003 5:23:18 PM

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