GroupWise 6.5 WebAccess Proxy through BorderManager

We've just installed the WebAccess for GroupWise 6.5 and have it
nicely inside our network. The next step is to open a hole in our
(BorderManager) to let users outside have the same access. What ports
generic proxy's should I use to allow this to work?

12/4/2003 9:41:50 PM
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In article <ySNzb.1755$>,  wrote:
> We've just installed the WebAccess for GroupWise 6.5 and have it
> nicely inside our network. The next step is to open a hole in our
> (BorderManager) to let users outside have the same access. What
ports and 
> generic proxy's should I use to allow this to work?
Webaccess should only need port 80, unless you have changed the
config to use SSL, in which case you need 443 as well.

Use Accelerator (reverse proxy) for port 80.  For SSL, you can use a
TCP proxy or a second reverse HTTP accelerator.

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
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BorderManager, go to ***

12/5/2003 11:00:34 PM

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