Bordermanager 3.7 #3

I have a Netware 6 SP3, edir 8.7.1, 3.7.2 Border Manager server which
abends regularly and needs rebooted

I know the servers days are numbered however until the server is
replaced I would like to try and resolve the abends.

I know installing the latest SP's would probably go a long way to
resolving the issues I am having so....

I plan to install SP5 for Netware 6.0, are there any compatibilty
issues with BM 3.7.2 and Netware 6.0 SP5??

Is there a higher service pack level available for BM 3.7,other than


3/11/2008 3:26:05 PM
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Check this site out, use tip #1 to find your os and bm version install

'Craig Johnson Consulting - BorderManager, NetWare, and More'

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3/12/2008 2:46:01 PM
Perfect just what I was looking for :-)

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3/13/2008 5:06:01 PM

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I originally posted this to the iManager forum; however, there have been no responses except one from a Novell Knowledge Partner suggesting that I post it to a BorderManager forum to see if anyone who frequents such forums may have an answer or suggestion. So, here it is: I'm running iManager Workstation 2.7.3 from my personal laptop and two other test workstations. iManager works fine for the most part; however, under "Roles and Tasks," when I attempt to access certain BorderManager Access Rules screens, I get the following two error messages: (1) javax.servlet.js...

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Hi I have BM 3.7 on a Netware 5.1 server. It seems every 3 days that server abends. Sometimes it does so at proxy and other times it will abend at csp_list. Do you think that if I applied SP2 to Bordermanager that might resolve these abends. They are becoming annoying. Also I have heard that SP2 for BM might cause problems with SurfControl which is what we are using. I dont want to reinstall SurfControl now because its working fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike Mike, See tip #1 and #68 here. -- Lance Reynolds...

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Upgrade to
Hi, Actually my NW 6.5 servers are at SP2 with following patches: secupd6a, slp211a, mm65sp2, n65nss2b, iprntnwpcsp11d, tcp657jb and iman202mu5. I�m thinking of updating eDir to Would you recommend this step? I found in the readme that I should first install secupd7, nmsrv236 and nmmth236. 1. In the readme of secupd7 I found that the server should run NICI 2.6.5. I�m running 2.6.4 and can�t find any newer version. Can I install secupd 7 on NICI 2.6.4? 2. What is the difference between both NMAS patches? Should Iinstall both or only the server patches, if we are n...

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